Illegal Immigrants Loved Here

Imagine a world without liberals.  Or at least one where they put their money where their mouths are.  H/t The Daley Gator!

8 responses to “Illegal Immigrants Loved Here

  1. More rightard propagandist disinformation.

    Free housing?
    Of course, one of the benefits of being an American citizen. Doesn’t everyone have it?
    Free school?
    Courtesy of Mr. “No child left behind”, but let’s make the kids suffer. That’ll teach ’em.
    Free food?
    Sure, if you want to stand in line at a soup kitchen or food bank.
    Free medical?
    Another benefit we tax-paying Americans enjoy.
    Free hospital?
    They don’t chase you if you can’t pay the bill but you usually die in the waiting room, so who cares.

    Sounds like paradise to me.

    How often do you twinkies do a reality check? Oh, I forgot, you do it everyday when you tune in to the EIB Network.

  2. Well Dave, your ignorance is showing . And I almost defended you in another post. Reckon I’ll never do that again.

    Did you actually read the billboard? I mean between the lines, think about it. Americans don’t get free hospital care. Government subsidized hospitals are required to treat anyone who comes in the door, but if you are an illegal immigrant, they won’t keep dunning you for payment. If you’re an American citizen, they can cause your wages to be garnished, ruin your credit rating, even cause you to declare bankruptcy to keep from losing your property. Free medical care, imagine that.

    I know you’ve heard of welfare and food stamps. Miss Conchita Illegal goes into the local health department and tells them her rat bastard husband ran off, so her family gets welfare and food stamps. ( her husband didn’t really run off.) Hmmm, there’s that free food thingy. An d there’s this thing called “section 8” housing allowance. Miss Conchita Illegal also receives this government largess. Dang, there’s that free housing thingy.

    Miss Conchita Illegal and her family don’t pay property tax, which is how schools get the money to operate. I’ll be doggone, there’s that free school thingy.

    Miss Conchita Illegal and her family don’t pay state or federal income taxes either. Seems to me, all those items listed on that billboard are true if you’re an illegal immigrant and you want to live in LA. Unless of course, things are done different in LA from the rest of the country.

    How much longer do you think we can continue to keep these people up?

  3. There is so much that Dave knows that just isn’t true.

  4. 47% of Americans don’t pay state or federal income tax either so quit trying to single out Conchita as the culprit here. Your sect. 8 comparison is thoroughly off the wall as Conchita does not qualify whatsoever. It was a relief measure enacted for the benefit of homeless vets and continues to be so to this day. Quit making up your “facts”. Conchita gets squat from the local health department unless she can prove she’s eligible. That means a legal US resident. Of course, all of her documents are forged and our guv’ment isn’t bright enough to determine whether the papers she presents were actually issued by themselves. Hmm. There’s a clue to the real issue at hand. Instead of quackerous billboard slogans why don’t y’all get together and present a realistic plan for solving the problem which you take such delight in bitching about? Deporting 12 million people is ridiculously naive and if that’s your most creative solution you should be locked in your room. The padded one.

    • Dave said;

      Your sect. 8 comparison is thoroughly off the wall as Conchita does not qualify whatsoever. It was a relief measure enacted for the benefit of homeless vets and continues to be so to this day.

      Bullshit Dave. Section 8 is a part of welfare. It’s a housing subsidy for poor families on welfare. Now, some Veterans may qualify for section 8 housing, but it is not a Veteran’s program.

      The Veterans program is a home loan program called the VHA which is supposed to guarantee loans made to Veterans.

      So Dave, do you think amnesty is the answer for 12 million plus illegal immigrants? Because if you do, think about it. When the statement of amnesty is released, there will be a flood of millions more illegal immigrants coming across our borders. How do you separate the “wheat from the chaff”? How do you tell if an illegal immigrant has been here for 5 years or five hours?

      And what about all those LEGAL immigrants who chose to immigrate the right way, the folks who are still waiting for their ticket to the land of milk and honey, America. What about those folks? Giving amnesty to those 12 million plus illegal immigrants would be a serious snub and patently unfair to the lawful immigrants. Liberals are all about fair, right? Yeah, right.

      How about these illegal immigrants voluntarily deport themselves and come to America the right way. We will welcome them with open arms.

      A lot of that 47% you’re talking about pay other kinds of taxes. Property tax is a good example. City and County taxes are some more examples. You don’t get any refunds from the city or county taxes.

      Amnesty is NOT a viable solution.

  5. “Was this billboard put up for the benefit of English-speaking Americans or Spanish-speaking illegals?” “Read between the lines? “Are you thoroughly crackers?

  6. Right, the VHA provides loans for vets purchasing with zero-down. Been there, done that. Nothing to do with Conchita. Sect. 8 is mixed up in that (unbeknownst to you). You actually believe your guvment hasn’t screwed that up? “Amnesty is NOT a viable solution”? What’s YOUR solution, as you seem unable to articulate a viable response to that question. Only unsubstantiated criticism. I live directly on the border and if you’d care to get into a porch-pissing contest with respect to the dastardly effects of illegal Mexican immigration, let the games begin. I’ll gladly tie half my brain behind my back to make things fair. An aphorism you’re certainly familiar with and most certainly a phrase your self-righteous self has never felt the need to defend against as you and smugly are just so-American, aren’t you?

  7. I said;

    How about these illegal immigrants voluntarily deport themselves and come to America the right way. We will welcome them with open arms.

    That’s one solution. The state I currently live in is one of the few states to penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants. That’s another solution.( Illegal immigrants start deporting themselves to friendlier states like California)

    If I were you, I wouldn’t tie your half brain behind your back. No sense going around completely unarmed, eh?

    I also used to live close to the border. I moved away from there a long time ago as a young adult because I could see the writing on the wall and I happen to have more than “half a brain”.

    The Housing Choice Voucher Program is a type of Federal assistance provided by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) dedicated to sponsoring subsidized housing for low-income families and individuals. It is more commonly known as Section 8, in reference to the portion of the U.S. Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 under which the original subsidy program was authorized.[1] The United States Code (the compilation of current U.S. federal laws) covers this program in Title 42, Chapter 8, Section 1437f.

    The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Administration have a special Section 8 program called VASH (Veterans Administration Supported Housing), or HUD-VASH, which gives out a certain number of Section 8 vouchers to eligible homeless and otherwise vulnerable US armed forces veterans.[2]

    HUD- VASH was added later. It wasn’t an original part of HUD section 8. But, as a Veteran, it’s nice to know if I’m ever homeless, there’s a chance I can still have a roof over my head. I’ll just have to “fight” 20,000 other Veterans for a spot.

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