How big is the oil leak?

And are we being lied to about it?

UPDATE:  Dunno if the guy in the above article is correct on his math (I have a hard time with addition and subtraction, let alone his lengthy computations) but if he is then the one reported plume of many appears to be bigger than the estimated oil reserves in the entire underground formation of oil.  ABC news article:  “The underground formation that the rig was probing has been estimated to hold anywhere from 50 million to a billion barrels of oil that could be extracted economically.”  Can any math whiz’ check out his math?

2 responses to “How big is the oil leak?

  1. I read through all the comments to the article. Evidently, this guy’s using some of that “Al Gore” math. Don’t get me wrong, this is a disaster of the greatest magnitude, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near the scope this guy’s making it out to be. I mean seriously…10,000 miles per hour? That’s how fast the author is computing the oil is shooting out of the sea floor. The waters in that area of the gulf would be boiling hot if that was the case.

  2. No, thatmrguy, he’s saying the media/others are making it seem worse than it is. His point was that it would be impossible for the oil glob to be as big as somebody estimated it to be…

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