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New Ad for You Deviants Out There

It’s the brand to use if you’re a goatroping mujahadeen.

H/T to the Bunni at Amusing Bunni’s Musings


ANOTHER reason to support gun control

The ability to hit what you aim at cannot be over-emphasized!

Things are Shaking Loose in Israel

First we have world condemnation because Israel wants to protect it’s citizens and keep weapons from being smuggled into Palestine for the Hamas terrorists. Then the Turkish government, supposed friends of Israel decide they’re not such good friends any more. Another flotilla leaves from Turkey and there was a rumor that the Prime Minister of Turkey was going along for the ride.

Next we have the Hag of the Hearst Newspapers, Helen Thomas equating Jews with Nazis and saying they should go back to Germany or Poland.

Next we have another supposed ally of Israel, Egypt saying that any Egyptian men married to Israelis will lose their citizenship.

Iran has had a declared fatwa against Israel for decades. Iran simply wants the complete and total destruction of Israel and all it’s people. Sounds like genocide to me.

Our “president”  and his administration have snubbed Israel and condemned their defensive actions.

People, don’t you know it’s our sworn duty as Christians and Americans to help Israel and protect their interests as our own? For if Israel falls, the rest of the world won’t be far behind.


USA should BAN government employee unions

This article should be required reading for every citizen. We are so close to the tipping point that it is not funny. 

Government employees, listen up.  You. Work. For us.  Pay not high enough? Benefits not up to your exacting standards?  Tough shit.  Get a job out in the real world if you do not like it.  If enough gummint workers quit and the services suffer, then WE, THE PEOPLE will raise wages to attract good people. It is up to us to set your salary, without having unions tell us what to do. They call it “civil service” for a reason.   Take back America.

John Doe

Illegal Immigrants Loved Here

Imagine a world without liberals.  Or at least one where they put their money where their mouths are.  H/t The Daley Gator!

How big is the oil leak?

And are we being lied to about it?

UPDATE:  Dunno if the guy in the above article is correct on his math (I have a hard time with addition and subtraction, let alone his lengthy computations) but if he is then the one reported plume of many appears to be bigger than the estimated oil reserves in the entire underground formation of oil.  ABC news article:  “The underground formation that the rig was probing has been estimated to hold anywhere from 50 million to a billion barrels of oil that could be extracted economically.”  Can any math whiz’ check out his math?

Day Two of Trial

My pre-game jitters were gone since the trial started. Day two I was just exhausted and hoping to make it through to the weekend in order to regroup. 

One of the most stressful parts of the trial is juggling the schedule.  I have many experts who do not want to be sitting out in the hall cooling their heels, and lay persons who can only testify at certain times on certain days.  I always have to have a next witness available or the judge could make me end my case.  Or I would have to put the plaintiff on and I want her at the very end.  

Day two my $1,000 per hour orthopedic surgeon was there at 10:15 as we requested, but did not get on until 11:00 am.  The defense attorney  kept on and on and on until it was 1:00 pm.  The judge asked if he could finish by 1:30, because if not the judge would break for lunch.  The defense attorney refused to say he could be done by then so the judge broke for lunch at 1:00.  My client’s father, who is a lawyer, slapped him leg in disgust (that lunch break will cost him an extra $1,500 to the expert).  The judge about bit his head off in open court for disrespecting the judge.  After lunch, the defense attorney went on so long with his cross that our $600 an hour radiologist had to sit and wait. 

The defense attorney is about 1,000 % better than I am with his trial skills.  Continue reading