Gramps Caught By Googlemobile Escaping Vodka Theft

As with the recent mugging in Detroit and the woman who had a “Brittany Spears” exposure while reaching into her car – both captured by Googlemobiles –  our semi-beloved Gramps was also photographed recently by Google’s camera.  At the time of capture, Gramps was attempting to escape a local liquor store with a bottle of  водка.

While the face was hard to make out, apparently Gramps was ID’d by his unique, muscular torso.  Since no водка bottle is easily visible, I can only guess where it’s hidden.  And with that, I’m officially disgusted.

I guess that explains Gramps’ recent “out of the country” posts…


(Living DOWN to JDs standards with this one)

I approve this message!

8 responses to “Gramps Caught By Googlemobile Escaping Vodka Theft

  1. My frickin’ eyes!!!!!!!!! I can’t see, I’m blinded by the light shining off that skinny naked bony body.

    • tmg…

      In my outfit, it was usually,referred to as a boney arse…not a boney body.

      The only distinction was…bein’ boney in the lower torso, area, was definitely, preferable to undifferentiated boniness elsewhere…!

  2. Ride baby…yeah ride…

    If yah ride fast enough… keepin’ a full forward twist on the petrol, handle…past all, yer neighbors…on that HUMUNGEOUS KAWASAKI…they won’t actually, notice yer, small, rather, diminutive… naughty bits… [Monty Python]


  3. Lipton T. Bagg

    Well Gramps, a promise kept.

    I didn’t say I wouldn’t say anything to make ya MORE (in)famous….

    -LTB sends his….

    • LTB…

      You Sir…are truly a gentleman and a scholar…and a fine warrior, from all that I, can discern…

      May fair winds be at yer back, or in your sails…

      May your longer treks be mostly down the mountains, into pleasant sunlit valleys, back to your families’, home…

      Olde soldier sends all the very, very best…!

  4. I bet Gramps has cute little buns 😉

  5. Stop Tricia, yer making me jealous. 🙂

  6. Hey Tricia…
    Some have said…”From the backside, Gramps looks like like two kittens, snuggled in a tight, tote sack”
    Hugs, Tricia…!

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