Mavi Marvara–ALL you need to know

What’s a few more dead rag heads  liberal idiots “peace activists?” 

Note to self: Do not attack IDF troops as they are rappelling onto ship.

Here’s another one, but I would like you to go there and read the comments after it.  Events like this bring out the Isreali haters.  Many of them are liberals.  Afterwards, they showed slingshots with dozens of marbles.  These “Freedom Flotilla” participants came looking for a fight, and they got one. 

John Doe

7 responses to “Mavi Marvara–ALL you need to know

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  2. Those friggin’ people are morons, most of the commenters. To give a bad analogy, It’s like the smallest kid at school who always gets picked on. Then one summer, the small kid takes some self-defense classes and comes back the next year and kicks the crap out of the bullies. Now the bullies are heroes and the little guy is excoriated at every turn. Israel being the little guy.

  3. What drives me nuts is when even good Conservatives express disappointment with the Israelis? (see The right-wing liberal is a good Conservative, but he still falls for an old Liberal idiocy. He blames the victim of the attack for not thwarting it perfectly.

    Good grief! These people wanted a confrontation. These people knew that attacking IDF soldiers is a ticket to martyrdom. The IDF is not going to shoot at people trying to kill them? Fat chance of that.

  4. agree, just a small correction: not peace activists – they re simply terroists.

  5. So, this is like when the neighbour kid at 6 years throws a stone on your car. OFCOURSE you go get your shotgun, kill him, his brother and father, just to be fair.
    A couple of years later you also star wondering why that widowed wife hates you..
    weird stuff….
    or are we just fucking retarded?

  6. the ones who started the violence were the hamas terroists who hate israel so much that they willing to destroy themselvs. them, and everyone that asissts them are terrorists who left israel no choice but to use force for self defence.

    maybe its weird to you there in norawy but here in israel we are fighting for our survival.
    believe me, you dont want to feed the terror snake, it will come back to bite you too someday.

  7. They came after the Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew and looked the other way…You know how the rest of it goes…think about it Norwegian.

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