Used By Permission..Summation of the Current Administration

I think this blogger’s comment sums up the current administration quite nicely.

Matt, I don’t think yours is simply another perspective, I think it’s an invaluable perspective. Your piece honors some very honorable people. Heroes? To me, many are. You’ll sleep good tonight knowing that this had to be written. I salute you.

As to the oil spill, yesterday I started looking at it from a different perspective. I saw it kind of as a metaphor for the total screw up that I believe is the Obama administration. It’s long. But it’s got a thread throughout that I think hands together pretty well.

If you have the time to read it, let me know what you think. Rach


I ask you to visualize the gushing undersea oil spill as I attempt to explain Obama.

I was sitting in the service department of a car dealer yesterday watching some putrid CNN type channel, looking at all the oil oozing out of the broken pipe, and suddenly everything became clearer. I don’t mean suddenly I had the ability to explain why the sound of Kelly Tilghman’s voice makes me turn off the golf channel. But all of a sudden, I began to understand why Barack Obama makes me sick.

You see, when I watched that gushing oil flow, the biggest and most avoidable environmental disaster in the history of America, it made me think of other Obama blights weighing down this nation. For example, I was reminded of all the taxpayer money Obama’s squandered, imagining nicely packed wads of taxpayer money gushing through a black hole. I felt disgusted; sick; like I’d just drunk a half glass of the heavy black stuff.

And I blamed Obama who opened the money valve way back in the Stimulus Lying Days of 2009 and, in the name of heading off more than 8% unemployment, for letting it wastefully gush forth. Down a bottomless pit. Day after day, much like the oil pollutes the waters around the southern United States, Obama’s money spill is killing the chances of our children to know their American Dream; to have a better life than we did. In the name of global governance, Obama is destroying the American dream. The interest on the trillions gushing out of Obama’s black hole effectively sinks our children’s chances of having a better life than we did. And as they get older, they’ll realize that Obama’s financial draining of America has delt a death blow to Midicare. And Social Security. The trillion upon trillion of taxpayer-wasted-dollars that is ObamaCare is destined not just to ruin the world’s best health care system, but one day to eviscerate the American economy. You see, just around the corner, many economists believe, is hyperinflation. Which not only will make American dollars almost worthless, but will be the depression Obama said he had avoided.

Bottom line, Obama’s financial schemes are killing free enterprise. He’s letting its vibrance and life seep away. His takeovers mean the days of a robust private enterprise economy are done for. Obama did the equivalent of taking an AK-47 Russian assault rifle and riddled every profit motive he could find, which is the only real and lasting way to create jobs. Barack, let’s remember, is a graduate of the Saul Alinsky school of Communism that teaches you how to destroy capitalism. He learned his lessons well, doing the exact opposite of what this country needed and needs, and he smiles and laughs and says we should be thanking him for killing us.

The snide snake oil salesman wants government jobs to increase ten-fold while crippling, though high taxes and over regulation, the chance of private enterprise jobs, really the engine of America, to flourish. Well, slick Obama, with the help of his Democratic enablers, is getting what he wanted. And what he hopes to do to kill America’s future. The reason Obama loves increasing political, governmental jobs: To keep them, people feel they have to vote Democratic because that’s the party of huge government. It’s the party of entitlements that overload our debt and kill our car companies. It’s the party of labor unions that send their goons to terrorize a 14 year old boy alone at home because they have some grudge against a banker father. They’re absent of any sense of decency. Morally, they are the poster child for extreme corruption, making Chicago style corruption pale by comparison.

For many of the same reasons, and as he tries to kill this country, Obama talks about comprehensive immigration reform. You see, like oil gushing forth produces a dead environment and dead industries like fishing and tourism, illegal aliens that pour like poison into this country represent potential Democratic voters, and the Obama government, rather than trying to stop it, welcomes it. Without reading them, Obama criticizes all laws that would enforce turning off the illegal alien people valve. Potentially, he sees them as increasing his political death grip on this country. And directs his ICE guy to announce that he won’t enforce any state law that tries to turn off the illegal immigrant people spigot causing American dollars to pour out, paying for everything from their medical care and schooling, to mopping up the blood and carnage when aliens maim, rape and kill tens of thousands of American citizens. Obama slickly calls this collateral damage, “worth it considering the potential votes these illegals may one day provide.”

Under Obama, terrorists gush forth, too. The international two-bit commie dictator Apology Tour, in part, was designed to prime the pump. After 9/11, there were zero terrorist attacks on our soil. Since Zero’s taken over, thanks to a criminally ineffective home security head, Janet Nepolitano, (who likes to call terrorist attacks, “man made disasters,”) the numbers of terrorist attacks have been rising like a rocket. Obama can’t even bring himself to call radical Islamic terrorists what they are. Which is about the only valve Obama can turn off.

At the same time, something else gushes forth. Hope. Enemy hope.

In the eyes of our enemies, Obama’s dismantling the power and potential of America’s missile defense system feeds the belief that America has lost its will, and can be beaten. The threats of international imminent attacks on America’s allies, like the oil spill, are now pouring forth. North Korea doesn’t think Obama has the will or desire to defend South Korea. Neither do I. Moreover, Russia saw Obama break national pledges to install missile defense systems for Poland and the Czech Republic. “The Poles and the Czechs know what it means to live under the boot of Russian domination. Obama’s decision to leave the two country’s unprotected represents a massive surrender of American strategic influence and a betrayal of two of its closest friends in the region.” (The Foundry, Sept. 17, 2009)

Other things that have been flowing like oil from broken pipes out of Corruption Inc., AKA, the Obama Administration, are bribes. The Cornhusker Kickback. The Louisiana Purchase. Both, dirty examples of buying Democratic votes for ObamaCare. Now, of course, Obama has taken bribes to a new level, a criminal level, by offering Joe Sustak the position of Navy Secretary for getting out of the senate race with Arlen Specter. The slippery administration, lying through their oil stained teeth, said that Bill Clinton had offered Sestak a worthless, non-paid position to leave the race. More Frequent Liar Miles for Obama. For obvious reasons, no special prosecutor will be named. In the Obama administration, the lies and corruption and attempts to destroy America fiscally, socially and militarily continue to spew forth like oil oozing through a broken pipe a mile beneath the sea. Obama is so far removed from honesty, integrity and belief in America that he’d be able to take a highly paid job in a huge office building in Red Square and not miss a beat.

Whatever good Obama touches, Obama kills. Be it fish, a system of government of the United States, free enterprise, the American Dream, national defense. You name it. Obama’s either seriously weakened it, or is in the process of killing it. Intentionally. With fervor. And it stinks. But then, why should that surprise me? Obama’s stench has filled the air of freedom for 16 plus months now. Then again, as the saying goes, the fish stinks from the head. Although I haven’t spoken to any of them, I’m confident the fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico would agree.

Thanks to eternity road.

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