Connie Mack is wrong on Az immigration bill

In an article published in the Washington Post he opposes Arizona’s new immigration law, and compares it to the Japanese internment during WWII.  Don’t know the guy, only know he calls himself a Republican.  But after reading his article in the Washington Post, I know enough about him to pass judgment.  He is either a mental midget, or he is pandering to his hispanic constituents (his Florida 14th District includes Ft. Myers). 

Recall it was the Progressives under FDR who interned the Japanese.  But likening asking for papers of a person who is already detained on suspicion of a crime is akin to likening an M80 firecracker to a nuke:  About the only thing they have in common is they both make a large bang. 

He pulls out the “wise old saying” in hopes of shoring up his weak argument:  ” As the wise saying goes, he who sacrifices freedom for security ends up with neither.” 

Here’s a clue, Congressman.  Your constituents, legal American citizens, can’t even fly on a plane, or drive a car, or probably even enter the halls of Congress without “showing their papers.”   If I get pulled over for speeding, I have to “show my papers.”  If you hadn’t been chauffeured around for so many years perhaps you’d remember the dreaded phrase, “License and registration, please.”  We have to show our birth certificate in Virginia if our operator’s permit lapses, for Gawd’s sake. 

His final, last gasp:  “I do not want to live in a nation where American citizens are asked “Where are your papers?” We are better than that.”  Better than that? We already live in such a place.  Try leaving this country for Mexico or even Canada without “papers.”  Try getting on a plane, try getting in line to shake the President’s hand without “papers.”  Good luck with that. 

John Doe

One response to “Connie Mack is wrong on Az immigration bill

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    Connie Mach used to be the campaign manager for Charlie Crist. He resigned because Crust (intended) did something he didn’t like, but the original relationship is all I really needed to know.

    One right move (even for the wrong motive) doesn’t make Connie Mack – he just doesn’t have his grandfathers stones.


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