Peggy Noonan: “He was supposed to be competent”

I usually do not see eye to eye with Ms. Noonan, but she has an excellent article in the WallStreetJournal that nails Obama for his incompetence in general and on specific political disasters, namely the health care debate, illegal immigration and now the oil spill.

Her main complaint seems to be that since his inauguration Obama has not “been in sync with the center:”

“[Obama] continues to govern in a way that suggests he is chronically detached from the central and immediate concerns of his countrymen. This is a terrible thing to see in a political figure, and a startling thing in one who won so handily and shrewdly in 2008. But he has not, almost from the day he was inaugurated, been in sync with the center. The heart of the country is thinking each day about A, B and C, and he is thinking about X, Y and Z. They’re in one reality, he’s in another.”

I suppose it comes from her political background as a speech writer, but she seems more concerned with his political ineptness than with the disastrous effect his political ineptitude is having on our country.  Perhaps I am nitpicking at an otherwise excellent article.  She believes that the up to half of Democrats who voted for Hillary have never gotten over their disappointment that she lost, and will start to peel away their support of him.  She rightly points out that James Carville already is signalling that it is acceptable to do so because of Obama’s mishandling of the oil spill.  When you’ve lost James Carville I might have written if I was not intentionally avoiding cliché’s. 😉

One thing that I do not agree with her on is her concern that this could ruin his presidency.  I am almost giddy with anticipation, while she sounds as though such ruination will be calamitous.

“The disaster in the Gulf may well spell the political end of the president and his administration, and that is no cause for joy. It’s not good to have a president in this position—weakened, polarizing and lacking broad public support—less than halfway through his term. That it is his fault is no comfort. It is not good for the stability of the world, or its safety, that the leader of “the indispensable nation” be so weakened. I never until the past 10 years understood the almost moral imperative that an American president maintain a high standing in the eyes of his countrymen.”

Does she not remember how the Democrats ruined George W. Bush’s presidency with reckless abandon.  Sure, it was terrible for President Bush and the GOP, but our country survived with no ill effect that I could observe.  I don’t care how Obama’s presidency is ended, I just want it to go away.  

Perhaps this was Bill and Hillary’s evil plan all along?  Allow an incompetent polarizing communist to be elected to the presidency and then anything even slightly to the right of him would seem attractive in 2012.  I give her until just after the 2010 elections to submit her resignation and to begin campaigning for president.  She’ll claim it as her duty–that even though she has been a loyal worker bee for Obama–after the disastrous 2010 elections and the loss of the House and/or the Senate that in order to save the party and the country she is reluctantly running for president.  I won’t buy it, but that is the plan, man.  Bet on it.  And go read Noonan’s article.

What do all y’all think?

John Doe


One response to “Peggy Noonan: “He was supposed to be competent”

  1. Well, they don’t call Bill Clinton “Slick Willie” for nothing. It may very well be the plan. I always thought Bill’s campaigning for Hillary was halfhearted at best during the last election. Perhaps that was the game all along.

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