Douchebag Eruption

Ugly Douche Bag Blogger

There is no truth to the rumor that Nikki Haley has hired a team of experts to quash the current and future douchebag eruptions, ala Bill Clinton’s team in charge of quashing bimbo eruptions.

Sorry, I can’t take what is happening in the randy state to the south’s gooobernatorial race.   After first Mark Sanford and now the allegations against candidate Nikki Haley, one can understand my concern.  Does anyone in the Palmetto state keep their marriage vows? 

Here’s my bottom line. I think probably something happened.  Homely blogger Will Folks claims that he had “an inappropriate physical relationship” with GOP candidate Nikki Haley.  Ms. Haley responded with an emphatic denial that she had ever been unfaithful to her husband.  I suspect that something “inappropriate” occurred, but not much.

Supposedly, there is a photo of “inappropriate physical conduct” between the two.  Can they be any less specific?  Here’s one of Bubba and Monica.  In retrospect, that could be considered “inappropriate physical conduct” between  a boss and his employee.  

Hormones affect people in funny ways.  They even can cause hot babes to become temporarily attracted to god-awfully ugly men.  But that’s fine.  Even if some inappropriate physical relationship occurred, I do not condemn Ms. Haley. I’m against having Republican candidates judged by a different standard than Democrat candidates. 

The left always claims that the conservative Republican candidates are “hypocritical” for claiming to be the party of family values but not living up to their values.  Well I say who cares what the leftist Democrats say? If, and it is still a big if, Nikki Haley did anything inappropriate, or lied about it, so what? Democrats rallied around Bill Clinton, claiming that “everybody lies about sex.”  Folks was a consenting adult, not some post-teenage intern with gubernatorial kneepads on. If Haley did not live up to her ideals, so what? Ideals are a standard to strive for, not a trump card that liberals can use against conservatives to ruin our best leaders.

If Ms. Haley’s husband can forgive her, I say the voters of South Carolina should judge her on the merits of her political positions, not on whether or not she had some “inappropriate sexual conduct” with an ugly blogger.  

The same people who jump through hoops to be non-judgmental of homosexuals and all manner of other sexual perverts suddenly become all Puritanical when it comes to the private actions of a conservative leader.  Wake up, people! They are not going nuts and in a feeding frenzy because they give a rip what consenting adults do in private, they are acting this way because they want to knee-cap conservative leaders any way they can. 

I, for one, refuse to play along. The bar was set by Bubba Clinton. I objected to the bar being placed so low, but there it is. I’m not about to use two sets of rules, one for scalawag douche bags on the left, and another, much higher, for the leaders on the right.

NO! This is not THE PHOTO.

Nope. That picture isn’t the picture either. But somewhere out there is a picture supposedly showing Ms. Haley and The Butt Ugly Blogger in a compromising situation. 

Let me say this in advance. I do not care.  I refuse to allow the left or those moderate Republicans, as the case may be, to disqualify potential conservative leaders based on double standards.  Unless laws were broken, or there is something worse than I have heard so far, I don’t care.  Hopefully this is my first and last comment on the situation.

John Doe

7 responses to “Douchebag Eruption

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    Speaking as one of those ugly bloggers, I an grateful for the temporary insanity which comes over some women, allowing us to “chicked” far above our pay grade.

    Speaking as a vastly “over-chicked” man, thank you ladies!

    As for WillBFolked, he’s a sniveling, conniving SOB who has just destroyed any hint of a career he had for 15 seconds of fame – or ego – or both.


  2. I’m trying to see things from WillBFolked’s position. Sorry, I can’t. He. Is. A douche bag.

  3. I tried to see things from WillBFolked’s position, but I couldn’t get my head that far up my ass.

  4. WillBFolked is a disgraced press secretary for Governor Sanford who had to leave office because he was/is a douchebag. He had a problem with assaulting a former girlfriend. As far as I’m concerned, there aint a politician alive who doesn’t who doesn’t have some kind of excess baggage. The problem is Democrats hold it up for admiration while Republicans try to hide it under a bushel basket.

  5. Lipton T. Bagg

    For the Dems: Excess baggage is “right-wing attack”. For GOP, excess baggage is “godless heathens”.

    What we need is leaders who have didn’t leave their moral compass lying in the office when they got that last BJ from their “head secretary”.


  6. Lipton T. Bagg


    Apologies for grammar – the scotch has kicked in…

    (experiencing a “Gramps after Wodka” moment…)

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