Arlen Specter: America’s most despicable Senator?

Pond scum.  Slime layer.  Arlen Specter.  Used toilet paper.  Dead ‘possum.   Skunk.  Trash.   Arlen Specter.  Bovine excrement.  Stale urine.   Messy diapers.      Arlen Specter.  Disease.  Pestilence.  Death. Rotten eggs. Puke. Arlen Specter. unscrupulous. Cowardly. Unprincipled. Moronic.  Arlen Specter.  Die. Egg sucking-pig DIE!

We knew he was a son of a bitch, but for a while  he was our son of a bitch.  But few knew exactly what a self-serving only in it for himself worthless piece of shit he was.  He was always one of if not the most liberal Republican Senators.  At least in recent years.  But when faced with criticism from the right, and a possible loss in the Republican primaries, he jumped ship and became a Democrat.  Fine. Didn’t bother me, he was almost a Democrat when he was on our side.  Besides, he should still be one of the least liberal Democratic Senators. 

But then, when confronted with a Democratic Senator from his left, he immediately voted (according to the Washington Post) with the Democrat party line 96% of the time in the current Congress.  But he still lost, Hallelujah! 

Now, the left is worried that the unscrupulous bastard will suddenly start becoming more conservative now that he has lost the Dem primary, and he has nothing to gain or lose by voting 96% with the Democrats.  I should be happy–one less scum bag voting the Democrat Party line.  Instead, I hope the old bastard dies a slow and agonizing death Sen. Specter retires and is never heard from again. 

At least liberal and progressive Senators are fighting for something that they believe in–even if what they are fighting for is terrible for America.  Sen. Specter is only fighting for Senator Specter.  What a pathetic man.  Good riddance. 

John Doe

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