What has President Obama done right?

I am a firm believer in agreeing with my opponents when they are correct, or when they do something right, even if for the wrong reasons.  In court, attorneys who do not concede unwinnable issues lose credibility which they need later when arguing more debateable.  Who believes somebody who won’t concede that Christmas is celebrated in the U.S. on Dec. 25th? They are either stupid or trying to lie to you.  Likewise, any political pundit who never concedes that someone on the other side ever does anything commendable is not worthy of being taken seriously. 

In that vein, I’ve determined to come up with areas with which I agree with Mr. Obamster.  The first that comes to mind is that he made a brilliant political decision to have that healthcare reform meeting with Republican and Democrat legislators.  The second was his decision to keep slogging onward when it appeared that healthcare reform was defeated.  You have to admire the political smarts, and the stick-to-itism.  Even when it is in furtherance of wrong-headed policy.

I also admire that he has not cut and run in Afghanistan or Pakistan, and has in fact increased the troop strength in the latter country, and increased the drone attacks.  Why should our troops be put at risk when a drone will do the job?  And he has not closed Guantanamo, despite his promises to do so.  And he backed off when the protestations became great about trying terrorists in New York in civilian courts.  That showed weakness to some, but to me it was a shrewd reading of the public will, and acknowledgment that it was a bad decision.  I wonder if GWB could have swallowed his stubborn pride and executed such a strategic withdrawal. 

Heck, I even admired Obama when he told the Republicans “I won.”  Yes, he won.  That entitles him to get away with as much as he possibly can.  Republicans routinely “win” and then act as though the Democrats won instead.  Our Presidency is an all or nothing affair.  If you win, it does not matter by how much, you still get to be President.

I admire the fact that he nominated two women to be on the U.S. Supreme Court.  We’ve had too many men for too long.  I disagree with his specific choices, but I applaud him seeking qualified women and “minorities.”

I admire his political feistiness.  Whereas GWB sat back in the Oval Orifice and allowed leftists to attack him at will, fearing that any response would be un-Presidential and beneath the dignity of the Office, Obama fights.  Is it fair that the most powerful man in the world can attack private citizens and law abiding corporations? No.  But life ain’t fair.  As long as he holds the power, he might as well use it.  I do not agree with what he is using it for, but I admire his willingness to mix it up.  Sure, he looks petty, and thin-skinned, and non-Presidential.  But GWB sat back and acted like a pinata, which was much, much worse.

Hmmm.  Domestic policy with which I agree with Obama.  Hmmm.   I’ll have to think about that and get back with you.  And it sure is more difficult to think of the few things with which I agree with him than it is to tick off the many areas where I disagree with him.

John Doe

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