Mélissa Theuriau

This post was inspired by SupportYourLocalGunfighter’s article in which the perfectly reasonable question was asked “Why can’t God ask Mélissa Theuriau to walk around nude? Some dude was walking around nude and claiming that God told him to do it. 

Now, this will show how stupid I am, but I had been admiring this lady for some time. She is often featured in ads that you are supposed to click on at HotAir.  I kept thinking to myself, damn, she’s hawt.  But I had no clue who she was.  Until I read Local Gunfighter, where they put a name to a face, and voila’, this transmorgified into a Rule 5 post!  Oh, and besides being beautiful, she’s some French reporter, if anybody cares.  I wouldn’t need any English sub-titles to communicate with  her!

She’s also No. 46 on AskMen’s top 99 most desirable women.  So I wasn’t the first to notice her beauty. 

For you who insist on seeing ta tas, you could of course go here.  Or here.  And more.  If you bare them, they will cum come.

Nom nom nom nom

Might we suggest a little “French Kissin in the USA” by Blondie, vintage 1986, to add to your viewing pleasure?  It was a very good year [even if this wasn’t a very good song]… Youboob did not cooperate.
Ok, Youtube disabled that link, how about “Don’t it make my brown eyes, bluuuuuuue” by Crystal Gayle?
And how could we forget this classic from 1969?  My Cherie Amour

It's ok. They're married. 😉

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