How much do full metal jacket rounds cost?

From The A.P.:  “Canada’s leadership came under heavy criticism from opposition leaders Wednesday after announcing the country will spend nearly $1 billion for security at the G-8 and G-20 summits next month.””

Shoot.  To kill. 

Protest all  you want. But you may be shot.  Sorry, we cannot afford to allow you godless heathen to burn things up.  Just FYI. 

Sincerely, John Doe

9 responses to “How much do full metal jacket rounds cost?

  1. Depends…you buying in bulk? 😉 I’d rather have hollow points.

  2. Lipton T. Bagg

    Ever hear the sound of a pebble being shaken inside an empty coffee can? That’s the sound of a 5.56mm round rattling inside a Liberal’s empty head.

    Or so I’ve heard…


  3. LTB…

    It’s only a “real heavy”…22 long rifle…

  4. Yah sorry gents may rue , dah, day…I’m back in country…

    H&K’s…that’s Heckler and Kochs…!

    Gramps, sends all the very, very best…!

  5. Let’s go fer …

    Olde SFSgt. sends…

    You, jerkdahs…

    Thank you President … Obama…!

  6. I’m thinkin’…
    We’re gittin’ some movement ….


  7. Thank you…

  8. A Promise Kept…

    The struggle over gays in the military offers an important lesson about Washington: when public opinion moves, politicians follow, even on the most seemingly toxic issues. And with the proper patient and, yes, political approach, “do overs” are possible…

    …The DADT issue will come up in isolated races this year, but polls are clear that most of the country has moved on from tired debates over sexual orientation. Now the politicians are preparing to put it behind them too.

    Thank you President Obama…!

    In a free society; all bigotry, will eventually find itself wanting for both hand maidens and loyal soldiers…!

  9. Gramps:

    With all your fervor for DADT, is there something you are trying to tell us?

    If so, it’s OK – you can be free to “Come out of the duffel bag”…

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