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Crash test for dummies

Well now…aint this some funny stuff. Talk about being hoisted by his own petard. Moran is a Moron and received his just desserts.

Crash test for dummies.

How much do full metal jacket rounds cost?

From The A.P.:  “Canada’s leadership came under heavy criticism from opposition leaders Wednesday after announcing the country will spend nearly $1 billion for security at the G-8 and G-20 summits next month.””

Shoot.  To kill. 

Protest all  you want. But you may be shot.  Sorry, we cannot afford to allow you godless heathen to burn things up.  Just FYI. 

Sincerely, John Doe

Mélissa Theuriau

This post was inspired by SupportYourLocalGunfighter’s article in which the perfectly reasonable question was asked “Why can’t God ask Mélissa Theuriau to walk around nude? Some dude was walking around nude and claiming that God told him to do it. 

Now, this will show how stupid I am, but I had been admiring this lady for some time. She is often featured in ads that you are supposed to click on at HotAir.  I kept thinking to myself, damn, she’s hawt.  But I had no clue who she was.  Until I read Local Gunfighter, where they put a name to a face, and voila’, this transmorgified into a Rule 5 post!  Oh, and besides being beautiful, she’s some French reporter, if anybody cares.  I wouldn’t need any English sub-titles to communicate with  her!

She’s also No. 46 on AskMen’s top 99 most desirable women.  So I wasn’t the first to notice her beauty. 

For you who insist on seeing ta tas, you could of course go here.  Or here.  And more.  If you bare them, they will cum come.

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Westboro Baptist Faggots To Desecrate Funerals of Fallen Hero and Dio

It has been reported, and I have confirmed on Westboro Baptist’s website, plans to demonstrate at a funeral for an Army soldier from LA. who was killed in Afghanistan by an IED;  and Ronnie James Dio’s funeral this Sunday in Los Angeles.  What fukkheads.

Westboro Baptist demonstrators are scheduled to protest at the funerals of SPC Joshua Tomlinson in Minden, LA. (PGR is on this one, I understand they have already delivered the body to the family in escort, and will be shielding the family at his memorial) and Ronnie James Dio in Los Angeles.  There is a long hate-filled diatribe on Westboro Baptist’s site which I refuse to reprint or link, but if you are so inclined can confirm at your leisure. Their scheduled shows a demonstration from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm on May 30th, which exactly coincides with the memorial ceremony planned for Dio.  Besides these disgusting appearances, WBC is also doing multiple protests at Arlington National Cemetery, Ft. Leavenworth National Cemetery in KS., Boston and Lexington, MA. and in Portland, OR.

I have an unconfirmed report that a different type of motorcycle mounted “Angel” with no affiliation to PGR may meet Westboro azzholes at Forest Lawn to ensure Dio’s memorial remains undisturbed. Personally, I hope it’s true.  Those “Angels” don’t give a damn about Westboro’s right to public gathering and will fukk these jerks up.  If Ms. T. Bagg allows me to go, I’ll go to throw Ronnie “horns” and hopeful, see WBC scum splattered on the pavement.  Gives me wood just thinking about it…

For the record, I hate this group with every fiber of my existence. They are not a true church, they have no affiliation or sanction from any legitimate Baptist Convention. WBC is in fact a group of  Liberal ex-Civil Rights Lawyers who figured out how to exploit loopholes in religious freedom acts to spew their hateful rhetoric.  The Christian in me says to take comfort they will indeed rot in Hell.  The soldier and biker in me wants to kneecap them all.


Nullifying Tyranny

In their new book, Nullifying Tyranny: Creating Moral Communities in an Immoral Society, James and Walter Kennedy address the case for nullifying unconstitutional federal legislation to “fellow Christians who . . . understand that the government . . . has been slowly taken over. . . by an anti-Christian secular humanist element . . .” It is, in essence, an attempt to wake Christians up to the fact that the “god” of democracy results in a situation where immoral people can force everyone to comply with their edicts. “Government, even when sanctified by a majority vote, cannot turn an otherwise immoral act into a moral act.” Amen.


Government under democracy is nothing more than legalized theft on a massive scale … Whether it is monarchy or democracy, government steals private property (through taxation, mostly) “in order to pay for the loyalty of . . . supporters those close to the source of power who have a natural interest in maintaining the status quo.” Moreover, “A loyal court, a loyal police and military, and a loyal religious establishment” all “lead parasitic lives. The cost is paid by the productive who must labor to earn enough for the king” (or the state in general, under democracy).

I guess that’s why we’re a Constitutional Republic…or at least we’re supposed to be. I don’t know why people always insist we’re a Democracy. Must be that majority (Mob) rule thingy people talk about sometimes. It seems like some people get into politics thinking and hoping they can change things for the better. And some people get into politics thinking and hoping they can ride the gravy train and be fixed for life. The folks that try to “do good” most often are changed into someone they wouldn’t give the time of day to in real life.

H/T to the CL

What has President Obama done right?

I am a firm believer in agreeing with my opponents when they are correct, or when they do something right, even if for the wrong reasons.  In court, attorneys who do not concede unwinnable issues lose credibility which they need later when arguing more debateable.  Who believes somebody who won’t concede that Christmas is celebrated in the U.S. on Dec. 25th? They are either stupid or trying to lie to you.  Likewise, any political pundit who never concedes that someone on the other side ever does anything commendable is not worthy of being taken seriously. 

In that vein, I’ve determined to come up with areas with which I agree with Mr. Obamster.  The first that comes to mind is that he made a brilliant political decision to have that healthcare reform meeting with Republican and Democrat legislators.  The second was his decision to keep slogging onward when it appeared that healthcare reform was defeated.  You have to admire the political smarts, and the stick-to-itism.  Even when it is in furtherance of wrong-headed policy.

I also admire that he has not cut and run in Afghanistan or Pakistan, and has in fact increased the troop strength in the latter country, and increased the drone attacks.  Why should our troops be put at risk when a drone will do the job?  And he has not closed Guantanamo, despite his promises to do so.  And he backed off when the protestations became great about trying terrorists in New York in civilian courts.  That showed weakness to some, but to me it was a shrewd reading of the public will, and acknowledgment that it was a bad decision.  I wonder if GWB could have swallowed his stubborn pride and executed such a strategic withdrawal. 

Heck, I even admired Obama when he told the Republicans “I won.”  Yes, he won.  That entitles him to get away with as much as he possibly can.  Republicans routinely “win” and then act as though the Democrats won instead.  Our Presidency is an all or nothing affair.  If you win, it does not matter by how much, you still get to be President.

I admire the fact that he nominated two women to be on the U.S. Supreme Court.  We’ve had too many men for too long.  I disagree with his specific choices, but I applaud him seeking qualified women and “minorities.”

I admire his political feistiness.  Whereas GWB sat back in the Oval Orifice and allowed leftists to attack him at will, fearing that any response would be un-Presidential and beneath the dignity of the Office, Obama fights.  Is it fair that the most powerful man in the world can attack private citizens and law abiding corporations? No.  But life ain’t fair.  As long as he holds the power, he might as well use it.  I do not agree with what he is using it for, but I admire his willingness to mix it up.  Sure, he looks petty, and thin-skinned, and non-Presidential.  But GWB sat back and acted like a pinata, which was much, much worse.

Hmmm.  Domestic policy with which I agree with Obama.  Hmmm.   I’ll have to think about that and get back with you.  And it sure is more difficult to think of the few things with which I agree with him than it is to tick off the many areas where I disagree with him.

John Doe

Simona Halep, teen tennis star, has breast reduction surgery

To help her tennis.  I say screw tennis!  This terrible trend  must be nipped in the bud, cut off at the pass, and stripped of any legitimacy!  Oh, sure, they are her boobs, she can do with them what she wants.  In fact, she already did.  But we here at Smash Mouth do not want her to set a trend that other naturally endowed women might follow. Period!

So, could John Doe turn this into a Rule 5 opportunity?  What do you think?

Before the dreaded surgery

Conor Friedersdorf sees crazy people

And hits one out of the park.  I’m no fan of Mr. Friedersdorf–or metro sexual weenies in general–but I have to give him kudos for his recent article “Is Rand Paul crazier than anyone else in D.C.?”

The gist of his article is that Rand Paul is being excoriated for his naive libertarian views, but Conor points out many other crazy views that are “mainstream” inside the beltway.”  Heh, his views are not as crazy as these other peoples’ crazy ideas.  I believe that is called “damning with faint praise.” 

But he does have a point.  Talk about your crazy ideas.  The war on drugs.  Farm subsidies for tobacco.  And Obama’s claim to have the right to assassinate any U.S. citizen whom he labels as an enemy combatant.  [I have not thoroughly thought through the implications of that policy, but it gives me great pause because I don’t trust Obama further than I can throw a Chicago thug.] 

Mr. F’s point?  Those and other arguably crazy ideas are considered mainstream, while Rand Paul and other libertarians oppose them.  So, yeah, sometimes extreme libertarians’ thinking leads them to embrace ideas that are outside the realm of political mainstream thought.  But often it leads them to oppose clearly idiotic ideas that are within the mainstream. 

I have no emotional capital invested in Rand Paul.  Never heard of him before recently.  Other than considering myself a Tea-Partier and a conservative, I have no reason to support him, except for the fact that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  That said, I admire men of principle, and he seems to be one.   I also would not rule him out, were I a voter in Kentucky, just because he would not have voted for something that occurred 45+ years ago (before he was born) because he was against it on principle. 

Let’s think of some other crazy ideas that Rand Paul (and most correct thinking libertarian and conservative voters) likely opposes but his opponent and liberals in general support.  How about the law that requires us to add ethanol to our gasoline?  How about those who want us to stop using coal when we have no viable substitute? How about those who want to turn this country into a welfare state?  Rand Paul needs to go on the offensive and deal with real issues, and forget about answering idiotic questions about policies that will never come up because they have been settled for the past several decades. 

I am  not so sure that position will hurt him.  Liberals and blacks would never support a Republican anyway. The real fight will be can he recover, and appeal to the mainstream center and right.  Sure, he had a terrible first couple of day.  But the leftist media is making this out to be much worse than it really is.   Were I a betting man, I’d say that Rand Paul is still a 5-4 favorite to win in November. 

[Just kidding about the “were I a betting man” comment.  Of course I’m a betting man!]

John Doe

UPDATE:  Obviously, great minds think alike!  Robert Stacy McCain has a great mind, and John Doe has a mind.