Political Bell Curve

Saw my learned Uncle the other day and as usual, we started talking about politics. I was stating my position and he would play devil’s advocate. I forget how we got on the subject, but all of a sudden out of the blue, he said, ” I’m a firm believer in the Bell Curve”.( Besides having a lot of common sense, my Uncle is a retired college professor. He has 4 degrees including a doctorate.) Anyway, I started thinking about Bell Curves and how people use them. Here’s my version of a Bell Curve.

7 responses to “Political Bell Curve

  1. As an aside, I put Gerald Ford straight under center as he really didn’t have much of an impact as a lame duck president, other than giving Nixon the infamous pardon. And I believe he really didn’t want the job, but was thrust into the limelight by circumstance.<del datetime=”2010-05-26T00:47:47+00:00″>

    I should really look some things up instead of relying on memory. Being in high school at the time, my thoughts weren’t on politics if you know what I mean.

    Under extraordinary circumstances, Ford took over the Presidency and tried his best to stop the trend towards more government intervention. He tried to stimulate the economy not by raising taxes, but by getting rid of some of the red tape and extraneous regulation that was choking the economy. He also kept our military strong and did a good job of projecting American power abroad during the crisis in the Mid-east between Egypt and Israel. He did all this with a Democratic majority in Congress.

    So, being a person who admits when he makes a mistake, I’m updating this comment.

    Mr. G

  2. Lipton T. Bagg

    Mr. G:

    Good for you. Ford is often overlooked for what he brought to the office – a steadying influence during chaos, civility and trust back to the office. Gerald and Betty Ford were good and decent people and exactly what America needed at the time.

    I have always placed the blame for Ford’s loss on the hatred of Nixon and myopia over the pardon (which over time, we’ve seen to have been the right thing to do – for the good of the office).

    Of course, he lost to Jimmy “peanut brain” Carter, and we know how that turned out. Talk about wanting a “do-over”…


  3. I couldn’t in good conscience put Nixon and Ford anywhere near DeMint. Nixon gave us price controls, and Geo W gave us “No child’s behind left” and a huge expansion of Farm Welfare, er subsidy, not to mention Wall Street Bailout.

    I realize it is difficult to get the chart exactly where you want it, but Reagan was definitely much more to the right than Ford (think 1975 convention). And I would put Kennedy closer to the center right, and LBJ and Clinton as far left as possible, only to be flanked further left by Obama. Just my humble opinion.

  4. With respect, Cap, can’t agree with you on Dubya being to the right of Ronaldus Magnus.

    Bush’s bona-fides were in question even while he was Texas governor. Few ever questioned Reagan’s conservatism.

  5. Ha ha ha. Offer an opinion, get piled on from all sides. But MrG can take it, I’m quite sure…

  6. Lipton T. Bagg

    Since you mention it, going right to left I would have: Paul, DeMint, Reagan, GHB, Ford, Nixon, GWB, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, Carter and Obama.

    Clinton gets bumped slightly left inasmuch as he was “a tail (pun intended) of two presidents” – profoundly moving center after the 1994 congressional elections. LBJ may have been left on policies but very much a pragmatist and centrist when working behind the scenes (see recent article on Civil Rights Act).

    At least that how I see it…

  7. Dang, How’d I miss GHB? Thanks for the input. I did this using the paint program on my computer. Took me 10 tries to get it where it is. Clinton and Reagan both started farther to the left and right, but had to compromise and move closer to the center to further their policy aims. I promise I’ll do a better job on the next one. 😉

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