Barack Obama’s student loan records: Some American citizens are “more equal” than others…

Helen Jones-Kelly gave the maximum allowed to B. H. Obama

Snoop in computer records about student loan applications regarding Barack Hussein Obama–get charged with a Federal Offense, and be at risk for a year in the slammer and/or $100,000 fine.  Snoop on tax records of Barack Hussein Obama’s political opponent, “Joe the Plumber,” you might get “suspended” from your cushy state job (after political pressure finally forces the issue), and if you get sued for violating Joe’s privacy, the Attorney General of the state of Ohio will defend you.  Even the Governor will defend your actions:  “The administration of Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland has said the information was not improperly shared and that there were no political motives behind the checks.”

Accessing a presidential candidate’s records used to be what the press did routinely.  Hell, it used to be our right to know about candidates.  Now the press doesn’t even bother to ask them questions.  And when a few bother to ask, the President does not even bother to respond. 

Can’t you almost hear what happened when Helen Jones-Kelly got caught?  Shush little Obama backer-honeybuns, The Won will look after  you.  And thanks for the dirt on “Joe the Plumber.”  Hey, it’s “the Chicago Way.”

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