Rep. Anthony Weiner is an un-American piece of shit

He is attacking “GoldLine”–an American company that sells gold–because it advertises on the Glenn Beck show, on Rush Limbaugh’s show, and on Mark Levin’s show.  Rep. Weiner, D-NY, claims that GoldLine sells gold at too high of a mark-up.  However, a quick google search by the illustrious Doug Ross showed that of the top ten sites listed by google, GoldLine was fifth out of ten for the highest priced for a 2010 Gold American Eagle.  

If you think that un-American piece of shit Weiner is investigating the four companies that sell their gold pieces for prices higher than GoldLine then you are dumber than one of Gramps’ big dumps following a night of drunken debauchery.

Glen Beck is a big boy who can handle himself.  Predictably, he shows Weiner for what he is–a Joe McCarthy-wannabe who is attacking American businesses simply because he does not like what they are sponsors on radio and T.V. shows that express opinions that he opposes.  If he can attack people who can fight back, he certainly can attack people who are not able to fight back. 

Wiener tries to make it sound as though GoldLine is profiting by Glen Beck’s ominous warnings that the price of gold is skyrocketing because of the Obama Administration.  Unfortunately, Beck has been correct.  Since Obama was elected, the price of gold has gone up from roughly $850 per ounce up to roughly $1,250 (plus 47% if my math is correct).   I wish I had paid attention when Beck was warning us that the price of gold was going to sky-rocket!

From “Weiner Fact” comes evidence that even the New York Times disagrees with Weiner about GoldLine:

“The Better Business Bureau, which has given Goldline an A+ rating, said Tuesday that it was standing by that. A representative of the bureau said it had recently re-reviewed Goldline in response to Mr. Weiner’s accusations and saw no reason for a change. “It’s a company with not that many complaints,” said Gary Almond, from the bureau. When compared with other companies that sell gold, “there was a remarkable difference in how each one addressed complaints,” noting that some of those other companies had F ratings.”   –New York Time

Redstate and YidwithLid are among the others destroying this p.o.s. Obama lap dog.  (There is no truth to the rumor that The First Dog is called Weiner by the Obamas.)  Makes me wish it was still socially acceptable to tar and feather our legislators.

17 responses to “Rep. Anthony Weiner is an un-American piece of shit

  1. It would be tempting to think that you’re a racist, but I think it’s important to give you the benefit of the doubt as a patriot that sees things differently than I do and try to point out what I believe to be facts you might take into consideration.

    -despite their rhetoric the Republicans have not been responsible for balancing the budget in several decades they talk about what they never actually do, the record is there check it.

    -again despite the rhetoric, the last Republican administration and Congress vastly increased the size of government and the amount of expensive entitlements that all of us are forced to pay for.

    -Finally on security, the Republicans have have been extremely inept, there have rarely been such errors in judgement as were the case in initiating the war in Iraq- Donald Rumsfeld believed himself to be smarter than the entire State Department and was proven horribly wrong. America has lost many many brave soldiers because of that arrogance.

    – The Conservative take on free trade has resulted in the wholesale transfer of American Industrial technology to China. Corporate profits are up… America’s status as an industrial super power is down.

    I believe you imply that you were in the military, I’m proud to say that members of the Drury family have fought with distinction in all of America’s wars since the Revolution, many sacrificing life or limb.

    My question to you is this, if you want a more efficient government and a stronger America, why do you keep backing the same loosing horse, the Republicans don’t balance the budget, they don’t further America’s position strategically, they support American corporations in moving jobs overseas to increase profits leaving us with a smoke and mirrors “service economy”

    Why believe them?

    • It would be tempting to think you are a dumbass who is just trying to piss me off. Get your facts straight and I would not think such a thing. I never “implied” that I was in the military. Perhaps you have me confused with Lipton, or Gramps, who both explicitly claim to have been in the military.

      And WTF does me voting for Republicans have to do with Glenn Beck being attacked by Rep. Weiner? At least make a cogent argument. I’ll leave room for the possibility that perhaps you are just blurring all my posts into this one post, and you think that you know me. But get it right. I don’t back the Republicans any more than I back the Dems if they are spending and taxing. You are welcome here, but get your facts straight before you go spouting off.

    • Lipton T. Bagg

      m. drury:

      “..It would be tempting to think that you’re a racist…”

      It’s tempting to think you are a race-baiting moron who cannot separate fact from talking points, but it’s important I give you the benefit of the doubt – since the issue has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with an elected official/moron (or in this case a penis/Weiner) who should have something more important to do than spout off about an infotainers sponsor.

      For the record, there is nothing wrong with Rush pushing Carbonite, nor Beck pushing Goldline. No more so than all the sponsors buying time on AirAmerica.

      Oh yeah, they went out of business because they had no sponsors. See? even Liberal businesses didn’t buy commercial time on Liberal airwaves. Because they WANT business and Liberals don’t. I guess we know who listens to what.

      Yet another Liberal tries to use race to win an argument when facts are against them. Yet another Liberal proven to be wrong.

      But please come back and comment. Just do us a favor; please bring facts and a learned opinion next time.

      (Who DID serve proudly serve his country in the Armed Forces. THAT is a fact.)

  2. What has the current administration achieved? More of the same. This administration has increased the national debt more in 16 months than the last administration did in eight years. And I’m no fan of GWB.

    There’s a difference between Conservatives and your typical Republican or Democratic politician. Conservatives do believe in balancing the budget, believe in less government and believe that security for our country and it’s people starts on our borders.

    This Progressive administration has just signed into law probably the largest entitlement program in the history of our nation. How are they going to pay for it? More taxes of course. Yes, the President said 95% of us wouldn’t see a tax increase. That’s the Federal income tax he was talking about. There are plenty of other taxes we have to pay; sales taxes, “sin taxes”, taxes and fees on communications billing, ie. phone, cable/satellite TV, hidden taxes on fuel, ect. Now we are hearing about the possible necessity of a VAT which is a coward’s tax. You don’t really know how much tax you’re paying because products are taxed at every stage of production.

    My question to you is, why would you back a Corporatist/Socialist President who is speedily bringing our country to the verge of bankruptcy?

  3. Today’s goverment always has to deal with the mess done by previous goverment. It’s difficult, if you ask me.

  4. Beejeebus, LTB…

    Don’t yah feel somewhere, in the very bottom, of yer, damn stone cold heart…

    That’s just ah, wee, tad damn, bit, harsh…
    I’m savin’ it for SHMBO…!

    My sat time is limited…I’ll have more to say later Colonel…!

    • Lipton T. Bagg

      No Gramps, I don’t feel I was too harsh.

      I have had racism rear its ugly head in my life (if you think that’s impossible cuz I’m a white guy, you’re wrong) and I deplore it. There are some things which are just not acceptable under any circumstance (IMHO). Race-baiting is one of them. And I will bitch-slap it for as long as I write – be it here or anywhere else.

      The fact is the fact. There is nothing wrong with someone supporting their sponsors. Beck is, in this particular circumstance, being unjustly raked over the coals. Liberals hate the guy so much that if Kaopectate sponsored his show, Liberals would accuse him of tainting school lunches to cause diarrhea in kids. It’s BS.

      Oh and BTW, as we watch world currencies drain down the cylindrical porcelain bowl into the abyss, someone who has a substantial investment portfolio would be foolish for not considering gold as protection. Who one buy it from is not relevant – all companies (even banks) make money of precious metal trading. Buyers should – as in all major purchases – research carefully and choose their agents wisely. Whether one would choose Goldline, Gordon Liddy’s Roslyn Captial, or any other bank or financial institution – Caveat emptor.

      Now, the assertion I will agree with Drury on is Republicans. In their thirst for continued power, Republicans had/have ceded their high ground on issues. Conservative ideology is still spot-on, however the GOPs failure to provide leadership based in these ideas has (as I have noted many times before) in fact created the very leadership abortion we have today. There would be no Obama in the White House had GWB and the GOP leadership stayed the course of core Conservative values.

      As always, one man’s opinions – YMMV.

  5. Gosh danger…tmg!

    I’ve just been ah, thinkin’…

    President Clinton, left President Bush [42] with a 450 billion [with a Bee] dollar budget surplus…!

    Then President Bush [42] left President Obama… with a 1.2 trillion [with a Tee not a Bee]…national DEBT…!

    Plus two… sorry arse, God damn wars, on his hands…!

    So you, go figure…What, Sir…!


    Olde, dumbe arse sittin’ in the wilderness…!

    • Clinton didn’t really give GWB a budget surplus. Damn politicians are always using fuzzy math…the kind if we used it on our tax forms, we’d be put in jail.

      Tax payers are fixin’ to get hit with another tax, quadrupling the tax on a barrel of oil to help with the clean up of the BP disaster which supposedly wasn’t going to cost us tax payers one thin dime. And taxpayers are also being hit up to bail out the Union pension plans to the tune of 165 Billion,( with a Bee) Teachers or more correctly, the Dept of Education wants a 23 Billion bail out. Now I don’t mind taxpayer’s dollars going to education, but I’ll be damn if I’ll give one red cent to the Teacher’s union. And that’s where the money’s going to end up as sure as God made big Red Apples.

  6. Hey LTB…

    I’m with yah jarhead…

    Our present portfolio is into thirty percent gold…and precious metals.
    That maybe too heavy…however, I’m very concerned… Concerning that precipitous, unaccounted for, drop last Thursday…really, gave me pause…

    My faith has been very marginal with respect to both the national and international financial systems since October of 2008…when we lost 25 to 40 percent of our portfolios.

    Gramps gotta new rule…ten percent down…SELL..!

    Hey, I’m a sorry… boney, arse, olde soldier…I gotta count me nickels and dimes…

    Unless the Euro zone countries, step up and back the sorry Greeks and Spaniards…

    This could get real damn ugly…!

    Olde soldier sends all the very, very, best…
    Keep yer powder dry…Sir…!

  7. Hi, all:

    Meanwhile, re: Rep. Weiner. LOL

    If his intent is to “get” those talkshow hosts: which is entirely possible, but (as JD doubtless knows professionally about people’s intents) hard to prove…

    a Congressional publicity-whore is going after the money-whores who prop up media publicity-whores. Not news, and probably best to let the whores fight it out amongst themselves.

    Best, Steve

  8. Sorry, Steve, you obviously do not really care about free speech. Nobody thinks it is funny that McCarthy used the power of his office to bully people for their alleged communist views. If this was a right-winger going after MSNBC sponsors, it wouldn’t be funny, either.

    And speaking of my profession, the way you prove “motive” in a case like this is to compare similarly situated businesses who DO NOT advertise on Glenn Beck. When you find that they are not attacked, and they have the same so-called bad characteristics that he is attacking GoldLine for, then it proves that that his reason for attacking them is a mere pretense. That was the gist of the Doug Ross article. Weiner is attacking them for their alleged high mark up, but they are FIFTH from the highest.

    Sometimes I believe people are liberal because they just do not pay attention. They just float through life not knowing the facts or connecting the dots…

  9. a piece of shit wennerhead motherfucker

  10. anthony weiner is a vicious little piece of shite, the living definition of scumbag. i hope the current scandal buries this foul little rat. he is the most vile politician in the entire country. good riddance weiner, couldn’t happen to an uglier guy….

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