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Rep. Anthony Weiner is an un-American piece of shit

He is attacking “GoldLine”–an American company that sells gold–because it advertises on the Glenn Beck show, on Rush Limbaugh’s show, and on Mark Levin’s show.  Rep. Weiner, D-NY, claims that GoldLine sells gold at too high of a mark-up.  However, a quick google search by the illustrious Doug Ross showed that of the top ten sites listed by google, GoldLine was fifth out of ten for the highest priced for a 2010 Gold American Eagle.  

If you think that un-American piece of shit Weiner is investigating the four companies that sell their gold pieces for prices higher than GoldLine then you are dumber than one of Gramps’ big dumps following a night of drunken debauchery.

Glen Beck is a big boy who can handle himself.  Predictably, he shows Weiner for what he is–a Joe McCarthy-wannabe who is attacking American businesses simply because he does not like what they are sponsors on radio and T.V. shows that express opinions that he opposes.  If he can attack people who can fight back, he certainly can attack people who are not able to fight back. 

Wiener tries to make it sound as though GoldLine is profiting by Glen Beck’s ominous warnings that the price of gold is skyrocketing because of the Obama Administration.  Unfortunately, Beck has been correct.  Since Obama was elected, the price of gold has gone up from roughly $850 per ounce up to roughly $1,250 (plus 47% if my math is correct).   I wish I had paid attention when Beck was warning us that the price of gold was going to sky-rocket!

From “Weiner Fact” comes evidence that even the New York Times disagrees with Weiner about GoldLine:

“The Better Business Bureau, which has given Goldline an A+ rating, said Tuesday that it was standing by that. A representative of the bureau said it had recently re-reviewed Goldline in response to Mr. Weiner’s accusations and saw no reason for a change. “It’s a company with not that many complaints,” said Gary Almond, from the bureau. When compared with other companies that sell gold, “there was a remarkable difference in how each one addressed complaints,” noting that some of those other companies had F ratings.”   –New York Time

Redstate and YidwithLid are among the others destroying this p.o.s. Obama lap dog.  (There is no truth to the rumor that The First Dog is called Weiner by the Obamas.)  Makes me wish it was still socially acceptable to tar and feather our legislators.

Elena Kagan “would not be dissuaded in her quest for the coveted brown brass ring of Harvard Assholicity”

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