Doutzen Kroes

Anybody else noticed how difficult it is to find a hot chick who has not already been the subject of a Rule 5 post?  Gosh durn it I finally found one, after much deliberation.  Doutzen Kroes.  WTF up wid dat name?  But fine she does appear.  Kudos to Robert to turning me on to Tumblr  which is where I saw the picture at the very end!  Remember, Smitty’s standards are P.G.  But that does not include links.  😉

Like fine wine goes best with certain foods, fine Rule 5 posts go best with certain songs.  We highly recommend “Sittin on the dock of the bay”, vintage 1967, by Otis Redding.  Swirl in your mouth, savor, but don’t spit.  Cheers

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5 responses to “Doutzen Kroes

  1. unclefrank22801

    while at Lowes today (in the rain) there was a MILF there…late 40’s , blue “tank” top on and NIPPPLES that needed……….oh snap…PG….nevermind…..good night gents…..but damn she was Hot and COLD !

  2. Thanks much for the linkage, I am pleased to see that you thoroughly pursued the photo files on this lovely woman. I loved the one I posted (last one here) because she looks like a real woman with hips, not like anorexia with a boob job.

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