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Doutzen Kroes

Anybody else noticed how difficult it is to find a hot chick who has not already been the subject of a Rule 5 post?  Gosh durn it I finally found one, after much deliberation.  Doutzen Kroes.  WTF up wid dat name?  But fine she does appear.  Kudos to Robert to turning me on to Tumblr  which is where I saw the picture at the very end!  Remember, Smitty’s standards are P.G.  But that does not include links.  😉

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Sugarcoating Socialism the French Way

Ahhh…Zee French, Zay have such a way with zee wine and cheese. A lot of people like zee French wine and cheese. Fortunately, not many people like French politics or their political system. It’s too bad the powers that be, the current administration, can’t see that. It must be that the Roquefort and Chateau Burgundy have gone to their heads. Maybe they need to live in France for a while and see what it’s really like before they try to foist the french political system on the American people. [That MrGuy]

Sugarcoating Socialism the French Way.

Polaris to shutter plant in western Wis., cut 500 jobs | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

Well, aint this a hell of a note. 600 families in the town and the company employs 500 plus people. The whole town will be affected. What say we boycott Polaris. In fact, we should boycott any and all companies that ship manufacturing overseas or to Mexico.

Interestingly enough, this is what a company spokesperson said;

“The company said this year is likely to be tough for the industry, too. So Polaris is on a campaign to raise its prices and cut product costs to help the bottom line.” Let’s see…cut production costs AND raise prices…hmmm…I see another bailout coming in the near future. Betcha didn’t think we’d be bailing out RV companies did ya?

No jobs for the townspeople, but more profit for the company and CEO. Imagine that!

Polaris to shutter plant in western Wis., cut 500 jobs | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ.