Twenty-seven year anniversary

John Doe graduated from college in the a.m. and married his college sweetheart that evening, twenty-seven years ago today.  I was twenty-five, she was twenty.   After waiting a year for her to graduate, too, we headed off from her home in Miami, FL to law school in Winston-Salem, NC at Wake Forest University. 

Upon graduation from Wake our decision where to move was between law firms in Flint, Michigan, somewhere in Florida and Richmond, Virginia.  She hated Michigan, I was sick of Florida, so we decided upon half-way between, and have been here ever since.  I don’t particularly like Richmond, but it has certain very good aspects to it. 

She bore my two lovely children within three years of law school graduation.  She home-schooled the children until they were 7th and 9th graders (she is a school teacher).  They both turned out wonderfully.  My son, the elder child, just graduated last week from Liberty University.  He got married last summer at twenty-one.  My daughter, twenty, is still living at home (thank God), working and going to college full-time on-line. 

Life is great.  I have the most tolerant wife in the world.  She puts up with my drinking, my poker, my laziness and my four years long (so far) mid-life crisis.  And she let’s me have a red convertible and a boat.  What more could a guy ask for?   Well, okay, she doesn’t enjoy cooking, but so what? I love to cook.   Happy anniversary Mrs. Doe!

Love, John

p.s. Too mushy?  See the complaint department here.

5 responses to “Twenty-seven year anniversary

  1. Goes to show what living right will do for ya! 😉

  2. Lipton T. Bagg

    Mr. and Ms. T. Bagg send their best wishes and congrats to you both.

    How that woman puts up with you…


  3. She’s dah babe…JD…
    I luv yer cookin…too!

    We’re doin’ 37…
    H&K’s…Gramps and SHMBO…
    Send all our very best…!

  4. Congrats and may your next 27 years be a masculine 27 years.

  5. bobbee… me boye…

    I cain’ tell yah, yer in fer a whole passel of trouble…

    Or maybe… that’s just me…

    Yah gotta know when to “hold ‘em” and yah gotta know when to “fold ‘em”…and that ain’t just IN… poker that’s IN… LIFE…BOBBEE…!

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