Have Some Cheese, Rat….

Thanks to Carol at No Sheeples Here for a great follow on to the White House Rat picture.  Go ahead, click it – I dare you. You only THINK you know what will happen.

What I DO KNOW is the bigger rat in the picture below doesn’t have the fortitude of this little fella…

4 responses to “Have Some Cheese, Rat….

  1. That was hilarious.

  2. Actually in was a moleTalpa europaea or in this case, Talpa americus

    Crafty critter, lookin fer a home…sorta like the boll weevil…Hehehe…!

  3. Swweeeet, Gramps! I didn’t even know you could add a youtube in a comment. How did you do dat?

  4. JD…
    I usually edit my HTML in Word 2007. I make fewer [ha,ha] typing errors [oh yah] on the large screen as compared to the [very] small comment window; you provide on yer Word Press blog server.

    Hope that helps…?

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