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Response to President Calderon

Response to President Calderon

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Twenty-seven year anniversary

John Doe graduated from college in the a.m. and married his college sweetheart that evening, twenty-seven years ago today.  I was twenty-five, she was twenty.   After waiting a year for her to graduate, too, we headed off from her home in Miami, FL to law school in Winston-Salem, NC at Wake Forest University. 

Upon graduation from Wake our decision where to move was between law firms in Flint, Michigan, somewhere in Florida and Richmond, Virginia.  She hated Michigan, I was sick of Florida, so we decided upon half-way between, and have been here ever since.  I don’t particularly like Richmond, but it has certain very good aspects to it. 

She bore my two lovely children within three years of law school graduation.  She home-schooled the children until they were 7th and 9th graders (she is a school teacher).  They both turned out wonderfully.  My son, the elder child, just graduated last week from Liberty University.  He got married last summer at twenty-one.  My daughter, twenty, is still living at home (thank God), working and going to college full-time on-line. 

Life is great.  I have the most tolerant wife in the world.  She puts up with my drinking, my poker, my laziness and my four years long (so far) mid-life crisis.  And she let’s me have a red convertible and a boat.  What more could a guy ask for?   Well, okay, she doesn’t enjoy cooking, but so what? I love to cook.   Happy anniversary Mrs. Doe!

Love, John

p.s. Too mushy?  See the complaint department here.

Chris Christie for President in 2012??

Let’s face it, a good leader does not come along too often.   Gov. Christie appears to be a good one.  The New Jersey Legislature passed a law dubbed “the millionaires’ tax.”  Some grandstanding liberal democrat walked it from the legislature down to the Governor’s office.  Gov. Christie vetoed it as soon as it hit his desk with this message:

“While I have little doubt that the sponsors and supporters of this bill sincerely believe that the state can tax its way out of this financial crisis, I believe that this bill does nothing more than repeat the failed, irresponsible and unsustainable fiscal policies of the past,” wrote Christie in his veto statement. “Now is not the time for more of the same. Ultimately, another tax increase will punish the state’s struggling small businesses and set our economy further back from recovery.”

This showed real leadership on many levels. You know that there had to be a lot of political pressure the way the bill is postured.  It only raises taxes on millionaires.  Who isn’t envious of millionaires? Who (besides millionaires) doesn’t want them to pay more taxes?  But Gov. Christie didn’t let it sit on his desk while he looked for some excuse–he vetoed it just after his aide cockily told the legislator who brought it: “What took you so long!”

This also has to put the fear of God into those liberals who  have been running the state into bankruptcy for years.  I can almost hear them whining, “We’re not in Kansas anymore!  This guy isn’t your typical RINO panty-waste afraid of pissing us off! What are we gonna do?”  Message sent, loud and clear.  There is a new sheriff in town.

Hit them fast.  Hit them hard.  And give a great message to the people while doing so.  I love Christie–“he fights!”

By John Doe

Have Some Cheese, Rat….

Thanks to Carol at No Sheeples Here for a great follow on to the White House Rat picture.  Go ahead, click it – I dare you. You only THINK you know what will happen.

What I DO KNOW is the bigger rat in the picture below doesn’t have the fortitude of this little fella…

The White House’s Resident Rat

In the photograph below, did you notice the big fargin’ rat during the White House speech?  This one has been photographed before – typically bowing in subservience to third-world despots and Fascist breakout meeting in Congress.

Oh yeah, there’s a rodent in the lower right corner as well…