What Married Men Already Suspect…

A new iVillage survey of wives aged 18-49 reveals that sex in married life takes a little bit of a hit. Surprised?

Two thousand American wives between the ages of 18 and 49 were surveyed about their sex lives by iVillage. The most alarming finding was that 77 percent reported being “somewhat to extremely happy” with their sex life, but 63 percent of them would rather sleep, watch a movie or read than have sex.

This according to Ian Kerner, therapist and author of “Love in a Time of Colic.”

He continued, “But on the serious side, I kind of look at this as sort of bad news. You may say you’re happy with your sex life, but in the end, if night after night you’re consistently picking a book, TV, Facebook, digital networking (BLOGGING!  YIKES! – LTB), any distraction that’s out there over intimacy with your partner, in the long run, your relationship could become vulnerable to things like infidelity. So you have to put sex at the center of your relationship.”

But Zack said this seems to be normal behavior.

“Who can’t relate to that stat, that sometimes you and your partner, your bio rhythms are just a little bit off, and sometimes you’d rather finish your book than get to it.”

Ms. T. Bagg:  Baby, let’s not read tonight…..


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