Common Sense In My Own Backyard!

It’s rare yet refreshing when I have the privilege to write a positive story like this about local government.  And while this is of little relevance to you in the East, understand this is a substantial contrast to the norm here in Californistan.  Feel free to enjoy it with me….

via The OC Register

The (Costa Mesa, CA.) City Council made it clear Tuesday night that people who are in the country illegally are not welcome in their city.

Council members voted to pass a resolution declaring Costa Mesa a “Rule of Law City” at the behest of Mayor Allan Mansoor, who has long been known as a vocal opponent of illegal immigration.

“I have a lot of concerns with cities calling themselves sanctuary cities,” Mansoor said before the vote. “It’s important we state that we do not support illegal immigration.”

Mansoor’s proposal was met with comments from five public speakers, all of whom criticized it. Some said the declaration would paint the city in a bad light and polarize the community. Others called the resolution a political move by Mansoor in his bid for the state Assembly.

The council voted 4-0 in favor of the declaration. Council member Katrina Foley was absent.

One response to “Common Sense In My Own Backyard!

  1. Why is it that the leftists are always hanging around meetings like that, ready to give some leftist quote? It makes it seem as though they are a majority of the population, when really they are only 20% or so (Californistan and some other locales excepted).

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