Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli strikes back

Professor Michael Mann of manufactured “hockey stick” infamy did research upon which he based the graph–which allegedly showed dramatic global warming in recent history–while at the University of Virginia.  He was being paid by Virginia to perform the research.  He since left in 2005 for Pennsylvania State University.  But our A.G. wants to see the research that backed up Professor Mann’s conclusions.  Cuccinelli believes that anthropogenic global warming is a scam.  He’s the first one to actually have the balls to back up his beliefs.  He is trying to get to the bottom of the controversy.

Predictably, the stuck pigs in academia are upset.  From the Richmond Times Dispatch:  

“More than 800 Virginia scientists and academics have sent a letter to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli urging him to cease his demand that the University of Virginia hand over documents related to the work of former U.Va. climate science professor Michael Mann….”

“This letter shows that much of Virginia’s scientific and academic community is appalled that their attorney general has launched such a blatantly political investigation,” said Francesca Grifo, director of the Scientific Integrity Program at Washington-based UCS.”

Some of the comments after the Times-Dispatch article nailed it better than I ever could:  

“You live by the govmint grant, you die by the govmint grant.
Play by the rules or fund your own research.”

“Anon, I have ‘faith’ in the data, if it is testable and can be independently confirmed.  If Mann and UVa keep his data hidden and untestable, then it is not good data.”

“I don’t see how this is a threat if the research is sound. The foundation of good science requires the questioning of research methods and conclusions. The fact that supposed scientists don’t want something questioned makes me think their stance is based more on politics than fact. They at least give that appearance by trying to avoid public scrutiny.”

“The information is public information, paid for with public tax dollars. The information was used to formulate public policy and will be used to produce new and very expensive environmental laws….The People have an absolute right to know EVERYTHING about the research and its very likely fraudulent underpinnings! These Scientists are not only wrong on man-made global warming, but also wrong on THE LAW!!! Great job Mr. Cuccinelli, thanks for watching out not only for Virginians, but for the entire American population!!…Start throwing some of these leftist academics in jail for contempt, and then watch them roll over!”

“Alternative Headline: ‘800 Scientists Nervous Over Cuccinelli’s Suit Against Misspent Grant Money- They May Be Next!  It OUR money, and I do not begrudge them for it as long as it is used in ethical, principled ways. Is it against the law to make sure tax money is spent properly?” 

Remember how the left just went gaga over Client No. 9, aka Eliot Spitzer, when he was New Yawk’s Attorney General.  He would investigate big bad ole corporations that actually made shit and provided services.  His entire intent was to shake them down and extort money out of them, and otherwise interfere with their business.  Not only did liberals not complain–even though it was purely political–they lionized the guy. 

Finally, Cuccinelli is actually investigating what may be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on taxpayers, ever!  But the fraud is a pet issue of liberals, so of course they are going to fight it.  Cooch needs our support, and prayers, because it is going to get ugly.  The stuck pigs are squealing!

UPDATE:  Welcome American Thinker readers. It is an honor and a privilege to be linked by that prestigious blog!   John Doe

4 responses to “Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli strikes back

  1. unclefrank22801

    Kinda like Obbummie Won Kiniver…if the paperwork whows the FACTS, what’s the harm in showing them off? If I had pics of me dogging Pam Anderson, damn it boy, you would see them !

  2. “I don’t see how this is a threat if the research is sound. The foundation of good science requires the questioning of research methods and conclusions.”

    As an information guy, I say “Right on !!”

    Best, Steve

  3. Lipton T. Bagg

    Just remember, Liberals never let facts get in the way of a good smear campaign!


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