Throbbing Justice

Because you know you want it.  Rima Fakih’s “film debut.”  Oh, my! Suddenly we have ourselves a little “Rule 5” Action. 

She looks a little anorexic to me. 

John Doe

7 responses to “Throbbing Justice

  1. Anonymous Coward

    how ’bout some of Rule 43?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    ops..that was 34..

  3. Ahh, AC, I learn something new every day. Thanks. This is usually a PG13 rated blog. We might occasionally cite to R rated sites. And I have been known to click on XXX rated sites, much to the chagrin of my sainted wife. Once the ringing in my ears dies down, I can really hear almost as good as normal again…

  4. Out-of-two …. i’d give her one !!

  5. That’s harsh. But everybody is entitled to their own opinion…

  6. Ouch…!

    ”…Let’s call out Miss USA like it is, a giant competition of women flaunting their well-crafted vaginas, just like in a radio-show stripper contest, and calling it a pageant. Sex work can be used as empowerment for women; however, it needs to be called like it is. The mere fact that the photos of women sauntering around mimics those of a stripping competition is ironic.

    Apparently the kids… don’t share our lack of decorum and decadent, sensibilities…?

    That’s a rather refreshing turnabout; who knew a bunch of young. babe, gun’s could disparage a bunch of dirty olde men…Hehehe…!

    Gramps sends, all the very best…May 21,2010-0659-local time:

    How about them damn markets today…
    Ouch, again…!

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