Smash Mouth Politics on blogging

Proves 3 heads are better than 1.  And 4 is even better!  So I’m looking for even more bloggers.  I think we need some ladies to add a feminine perspective.  Heck, I’d even consider some liberal bloggers. 

As this photo of our stats shows, about two months ago our stats fell through the floor.  I was getting burned out, and not posting new content every day, and people were going elsewhere.  Then I made the decision to bring in helpers.  Getting enough content daily is hard work for one person.  I thankfully found Lipton T Bagg and Thatmrguy, and finally was able to rope unclefrank in, and the stats took off.  From about 38,000 the month before, to 74,000 last month, and 93,000 already this month, and the month isn’t close to being over yet.  This looks like it will be our best month, evuh, as we close in on that elusive first million hits!  I’m excited!  I’m thankful to be blogging with such a great bunch, and I’m hoping that we can get even more contributors. If you are interested, or if you know somebody that might be, let me know! 

Maybe soon we can even get some info about Thatmrguy and unclefrank so we can add an “About Thatmrguy” and an “About unclefrank” page at the top of the blog.  Youse guys want to email me information, I’ll do it, or do it yourselves.  Just create a page instead of a post.   Pictures are good, too.

3 responses to “Smash Mouth Politics on blogging

  1. JD…that”s very encouraging news…
    Keep up yer great work!

    That’s 2.7 seconds of my sat time…SWMBO, gets the other 27.3 on the digital audio side…

    Hope she remembered to turn the compost pile today…er yesterday…!

    Where in the world is Gramps…?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    My first visit to your blog and I’m already hooked..
    Keep it up..

  3. Lipton T. Bagg

    We are glad to have everyone – even anonymous cowards… Welcome and come back often!

    (Unofficial Smash Mouth Welcome Wagon Rep)

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