A Little Off Topic–Dumpster Diving.

Yeah I’ll say it; I’m a “dumpster diver”. But not in the literal sense, what I mean to say is I don’t actually go into a dumpster after something. Except for that one time when She Who Must Be Obeyed had just paid about 85 bucks for some damn dog medicine and she lost the package in my truck. I had just thrown a bunch of garbage on top of other people’s garbage and a transmission and what have you, when Dear Wife tells me she lost the medicine. It must have fallen out of your shirt pocket into the dumpster, ( blaming it on me), she says. I never touched the darn stuff, I says back. Y’all know where this is going right? Yep, I had to go through every bit of that garbage and a transmission, but alas, I couldn’t find any dog medicine. You must have left it on the counter at the Vet’s, says I. Almost a knock down drag out over some #$^&@@! dog medicine, when she throws her hands up, hits her sun visor and the package falls into her lap.

But that wasn’t what I came to tell you. Where I work, the local recycling center has a little building they call the “Swap Shop”. That’s where you put stuff that’s too good to go in the trash. I make it a habit to stop by there even when I don’t have any garbage. Today, I scored a Yamaha Double Cassette Deck and the cables to go with it. At other times I’ve picked up a Kenwood A/V Stereo Receiver, a pair of Bose 2000 speakers, a Technics 5 disc CD changer, plus a Realist dual cassette recorder. I reckon I’ll take the Realistic tape deck back up to the “Swap Shop”.

I have found all kinds of stuff at the “Swap Shop”. Antique furniture, books,( I hate to see books get thrown away.), and other stuff. I’ve made money on some of, still have some of it and stored some of for a couple of years and hauled it back to the “Swap Shop”.

Am I the only one?


2 responses to “A Little Off Topic–Dumpster Diving.

  1. Short answer is no. But we have something like that, I ran across it while researching recycling. It’s basically an exchange. You sign up, non-profit. Online. Put what you got that is too good to throw away on the list, and choose from other peoples’ junk. Win win. I don’t know the angle because I didn’t save the link, but sounded like a good idea.

    I recycle everything, and used to compost when I lived in the city. Closest I came to what you did was my grandmother used to go through the local dump peeling off can labels (get three Campbell Soup labels, win a cupie prize or some such shit). She was from the depression and had no pride. But it shamed me to no end and ruined me as a dumpster diver, sad to say.

  2. We have that online thing around here too. They also have the “trading post” on the local radio station . Not everything you here about on the radio is free, but it’s there.

    At the recycling center, they’re glad for people to take stuff from the “Swap Shop”. Means they don’t have to carry it down to the furniture dumpster. Once it goes into a dumpster, it is trash, off limits.

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