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Bueller? Bueller?

A Little Off Topic–Dumpster Diving.

Yeah I’ll say it; I’m a “dumpster diver”. But not in the literal sense, what I mean to say is I don’t actually go into a dumpster after something. Except for that one time when She Who Must Be Obeyed had just paid about 85 bucks for some damn dog medicine and she lost the package in my truck. I had just thrown a bunch of garbage on top of other people’s garbage and a transmission and what have you, when Dear Wife tells me she lost the medicine. It must have fallen out of your shirt pocket into the dumpster, ( blaming it on me), she says. I never touched the darn stuff, I says back. Y’all know where this is going right? Yep, I had to go through every bit of that garbage and a transmission, but alas, I couldn’t find any dog medicine. You must have left it on the counter at the Vet’s, says I. Almost a knock down drag out over some #$^&@@! dog medicine, when she throws her hands up, hits her sun visor and the package falls into her lap.

But that wasn’t what I came to tell you. Where I work, the local recycling center has a little building they call the “Swap Shop”. That’s where you put stuff that’s too good to go in the trash. I make it a habit to stop by there even when I don’t have any garbage. Today, I scored a Yamaha Double Cassette Deck and the cables to go with it. At other times I’ve picked up a Kenwood A/V Stereo Receiver, a pair of Bose 2000 speakers, a Technics 5 disc CD changer, plus a Realist dual cassette recorder. I reckon I’ll take the Realistic tape deck back up to the “Swap Shop”.

I have found all kinds of stuff at the “Swap Shop”. Antique furniture, books,( I hate to see books get thrown away.), and other stuff. I’ve made money on some of, still have some of it and stored some of for a couple of years and hauled it back to the “Swap Shop”.

Am I the only one?


Doctor Zero

Don’t know him.  But I damn sure am an admirer of his writing.  Have been for quite awhile.  Keep up the good work, Doc. 

John Doe

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli strikes back

Professor Michael Mann of manufactured “hockey stick” infamy did research upon which he based the graph–which allegedly showed dramatic global warming in recent history–while at the University of Virginia.  He was being paid by Virginia to perform the research.  He since left in 2005 for Pennsylvania State University.  But our A.G. wants to see the research that backed up Professor Mann’s conclusions.  Cuccinelli believes that anthropogenic global warming is a scam.  He’s the first one to actually have the balls to back up his beliefs.  He is trying to get to the bottom of the controversy.

Predictably, the stuck pigs in academia are upset.  From the Richmond Times Dispatch:  

“More than 800 Virginia scientists and academics have sent a letter to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli urging him to cease his demand that the University of Virginia hand over documents related to the work of former U.Va. climate science professor Michael Mann….”

“This letter shows that much of Virginia’s scientific and academic community is appalled that their attorney general has launched such a blatantly political investigation,” said Francesca Grifo, director of the Scientific Integrity Program at Washington-based UCS.”

Some of the comments after the Times-Dispatch article nailed it better than I ever could:  

“You live by the govmint grant, you die by the govmint grant.
Play by the rules or fund your own research.”

“Anon, I have ‘faith’ in the data, if it is testable and can be independently confirmed.  If Mann and UVa keep his data hidden and untestable, then it is not good data.”

“I don’t see how this is a threat if the research is sound. The foundation of good science requires the questioning of research methods and conclusions. The fact that supposed scientists don’t want something questioned makes me think their stance is based more on politics than fact. They at least give that appearance by trying to avoid public scrutiny.” Continue reading

Show Them To Me

Smash Mouth Music Video of the week!  Got a few surprises thrown in there.  (NSFW)

A Travesty of Justice

Anybody who reads the news has seen the left trying to make us feel sorry for poor little old ILLEGAL ALIENS because they can’t legally steal attend college in the USA.

Yesterday it was poor picked upon and abused Jessica Colotl, an illegal from Mexico who was pulled over for driving without a license.  She was a senior at Georgia’s Kennesaw State University.  Fox News reported:  “The twenty-one year old was flagged as an illegal and deportation proceedings were started.”  Predictably, many on the right wanted her ass booted out of the country a.s.a.p., while the left thought it wasn’t “fair” that she be deported, since she was such a good student, she had not chosen to come here, her parents had brought her, blah blah blah (retchhhhh).  

The end result?  “Kennesaw State University officials said they reached out to the federal government on Colotl’s behalf and she was granted a deferment to finish her education.”

Today, cue the sad music, get out the hankies for another sad story of a poor lass unable to attend college, even though she has a wonderful G.P.A. from high school, because, you guessed it, she’s the daughter of wet backs.  Here, we even have a picture of poor little Gladys Castro boo-hooing.   

From ContraCostaTimes:

“FONTANA – Gladys Castro has all the numbers needed to get into UC Berkeley – except one.”

“Although the 17-year-old Kaiser High School senior carries a 4.09 grade-point average and has been accepted to the university, she cannot apply for government loans because she’s an illegal immigrant and doesn’t have a Social Security number.”

“I don’t know how I’m going to pay for school,” she said. “All I want is a chance…”

“Castro smiles wide and talks fast when asked about her plans to major in political science at the campus she has visited three times.”

“But the reality of having to pay more than $30,000 in fees per academic year often quenches her enthusiasm to the point of tears, leaving her to ponder a future without a college degree.”

Predictably, some on the right aren’t so forgiving: 

“California has already dumped $100,000 in free education (on her),” said Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. “If you want to be tough about it, you can ask for it to be repaid.”

Just as predictably, some of the left feel differently:

“Castro has worked with Latino activist groups such as the left-wing Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles to gain support for the proposal.”

“A lot of people see us as criminals,” she said. “I don’t see myself as a criminal. How am I a criminal at 8 years old, when I had no control over my life?”

“Rep. Joe Baca, D-San Bernardino, agrees.”

“It is wrong to unfairly punish those young people who come to America through no fault of their own,” Baca said.

Okay, kiddies, one last example.  Wait, what? Something about this last example is out of place.  It’s a white dude.  An American citizen.  He, too, just wanted a good education.  He, too, was a great student, good enough to be accepted into Harvard and then to seek the school’s endorsement for Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships.  But alas and alack, the white dude had lied on his application.  Continue reading

I’m glad Obama’s aunt was granted assylum in the U.S.

I’m probably a closet liberal who will catch hell for this, but I’m glad.  Heck, if she was my aunt and I was president it would havee been done long ago and she’d be living in the White House if she so desired.  I take care of family.  I actually couldn’t believe Obama didn’t have the balls to do it himself.  Pardon her, do what you have to do man. What good is being the most powerful man in the world if you ain’t gonna use it?

I’m pretty sure GatewayPundit disagrees with me on this issue, judging by the title of his post:  “Obama’s Deadbeat Welfare Auntie Onyango From Kenya Is Granted Asylum in US.”  I don’t disagree that she is a deadbeat welfare Auntie, but I believe the President should get some perks. The last thing he needs to worry about is his kin being deported.  Deport her ass in 2012 after he fails to get re-elected. 

You know the liberals would be screaming if a Republican president’s kin was granted asylum.  Unfair!  Major scandal!  Puke.  We are better than that.  At least I am.

By the way, this picture from an old article in GatewayPundit convinces me that Frank Marshall Davis is not Barack Obama’s father, as some have claimed

Obama Senior


Obama Junior


Frank M. Davis


Barry Hussein’s half brother (photo from here), by another white woman I presume, is a spitting image of our pretty boy president.  At least that’s my opinion.  What do all y’all think?

Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, from GatewayPundit

By John Doe

Smash Mouth Politics on blogging

Proves 3 heads are better than 1.  And 4 is even better!  So I’m looking for even more bloggers.  I think we need some ladies to add a feminine perspective.  Heck, I’d even consider some liberal bloggers. 

As this photo of our stats shows, about two months ago our stats fell through the floor.  I was getting burned out, and not posting new content every day, and people were going elsewhere.  Then I made the decision to bring in helpers.  Getting enough content daily is hard work for one person.  I thankfully found Lipton T Bagg and Thatmrguy, and finally was able to rope unclefrank in, and the stats took off.  From about 38,000 the month before, to 74,000 last month, and 93,000 already this month, and the month isn’t close to being over yet.  This looks like it will be our best month, evuh, as we close in on that elusive first million hits!  I’m excited!  I’m thankful to be blogging with such a great bunch, and I’m hoping that we can get even more contributors. If you are interested, or if you know somebody that might be, let me know! 

Maybe soon we can even get some info about Thatmrguy and unclefrank so we can add an “About Thatmrguy” and an “About unclefrank” page at the top of the blog.  Youse guys want to email me information, I’ll do it, or do it yourselves.  Just create a page instead of a post.   Pictures are good, too.

Throbbing Justice

Because you know you want it.  Rima Fakih’s “film debut.”  Oh, my! Suddenly we have ourselves a little “Rule 5” Action. 

She looks a little anorexic to me. 

John Doe

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