Nothing against her personally, she seems like she is a nice person.  But so what?  Eva thought Adolph was a nice person, too. 

I consider this post from theweeklystandard to be “required reading”: “The Rights’ Supreme Court Acquiescence.”  In a John Doe nutshell, Miguel Estrada thinks that the Republican Senators should quickly confirm Kagan because she is technically qualified and her views are within the “mainstream” of current legal thought.  The left doesn’t play nice–they oppose justices with right-of-center legal views, even though they are “within the mainstream.”  And they attack them especially when they are qualified.

I’d like to give Estrada a swift kick in the ass.  That’s the attitude that kept GWB from fighting back against his liberal attackers for eight long years.  Fight back you dumb sons of b!tches!  Obama opposed nominees based strictly upon their ideology.  Give him a taste of  his own medicine.  Don’t play by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules when the other side refuses to abide by them.

Great, Obama appointed a third woman.  I have no problem with women Justices.  But she’s the third one from New York City.  I propose that we make a rule that no more than one person from NYC should ever be on the Supreme Court at the same time.  Three women from there should be grounds for immediate impeachment. This country will not elect Presidents from the liberal northeast, see, e.g., Dukakis and Kerry.  Why should we be stuck with three Justices from New York City? I’d oppose her just on that basis alone.  What’s wrong, Obamster, you can’t find an intelligent and qualified woman outside of New Yawk?

The woman has about zero experience out in the real world.  Big deal, she was an associate of one of the best law firms in D.C., Williams and Connelly.   For one year.  They don’t let their clerks see the inside of a court-house in the first year.  She spent her hours researching and writing memos to the partners.  She didn’t like it so she went to work teaching law school.  Teaching law and acting as Dean of a law school does not qualify one to be a Justice on the Supreme Court.  She’s worse than a “pilot” who teaches others to fly but has never flown herself.  At least pilots can practice flight simulators.

And this nonsense that great legal minds can only come from Harvard and Yale law schools is pure bunk.  Yes, Ivy League schools get their pick of the litter.  The students who attended the most elite undergraduate schools, and who studied the hardest and got the best grades, and who tested the best on the LSAT, usually apply to and are accepted at the best law schools.  But mere hard work in college and brains do not a great legal mind make.

In my twenty-three years as a lawyer I have run into all kinds of lawyers from all walks of life.  Once you are a lawyer for a while nobody cares where you went to school (Wake Forest) or how high was your class rank (top 1/3).  You live and die on your reputation.  Can you beat the other lawyer?  Have you gotten good results in the past?  Are you diligent and conscientious? 

I’ve run into lawyers who are graduates of Harvard Law School.  In my opinion where a person graduated from law school does not make a hill of beans difference in  how smart they are.  Law schools attract mostly the best and the brightest.  The margin between the best and the rest is slim.  Hard work, diligence, creativity, attention to detail, self-confidence, and the like determine how well a person will do in the legal profession–not where they went to school.  Only The Elites seem to think otherwise. 

Elena Kagan has no “reputation” because she has never practiced law.  She apparently did a fine job as Dean of Harvard Law School, but those skills required do not transfer over to what is required of a Justice of the Supreme Court. She seems to have screwed up as Solicitor General (precisely because she is inexperienced, not because she is not smart). 

For all of these reasons, Senators should reject her.  This vote could affect our future for the next thirty to forty years!

6 responses to “DEFEAT ELENA KAGAN

  1. Being a graduate from an Ivy League school is not a negative. The negative is that the Supreme Court is losing Educational Diversity amongst its members. A very simple example could be vanilla ice cream. Everyone likes vanilla ice cream. The problem arises when you limit your diet exclusively to vanilla ice cream. You get lots of calcium, but you lose out on all of the other needed vitamins and minerals to live a healthy productive life. The same can be said about losing the diversity of knowledge and diverse perspectives that people from other institutions can provide. The majority of the Supreme Court Judges should not be Ivy League graduates.

    I am of the opinion that Supreme Court decisions may be considered biased, due to their common Ivy League education, and they are engaging in discrimination, by limiting the Court to Ivy League Graduates.

    The following applies to Kagan, just as it did to Sotomajor.

    This editorial was created by 160 Associated Press readers under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution License 3.0 using MixedInk’s collaborative writing tool. For more about how it was created, see here. It can be republished only if accompanied by this note.

    Obamas Appointment of Sotomayor Fails to Offer Educational Diversity to Court.

    Sotomayor does not offer true diversity to our Supreme Court. The potential power of Sotomayor’s diversity as a Latina Woman, from a disadvantaged background, loses its strength because her Yale Law degree does not offer educational diversity to the current mix of sitting Judges. Once she walked through the Gates of Princeton and then Yale Law School she became educated by the same Professors that have educated the majority of our current Supreme Court Justices, and our Presidents.

    Diversity in education is extremely important. We need to look for diversity in our ideas, and if our leaders are from the same educational background, they lose the original power of their ethnic and gender diversity. The ethnic and gender diversity many of our current leaders possess no longer brings a plethora of new ideas, only the same perspective they learned from their common Ivy League education. One example of the common education problem is that Yale has been heavily influenced by a former lecturer at Yale, Judge Frank, who developed the philosophy of Legal Realism. Frank argued that Judges should not only look at the original intent of the Constitution, but they should also bring in outside influences, including their own experiences in order to determine the law. This negative interpretation has influenced both Conservatives and Liberals graduating from Yale. It has been said that Legal Realism has infested Yale Law School and turned lawyers into political activists.

    A generation of appointees with either a Harvard or Yale background, has the potential to distort the proper interpretation of our Constitution. America needs to decentralize the power structure away from the Ivy League educated individual and gain from the knowledgeable and diverse perspectives that people from other institutions can provide. We should appoint Supreme Court Justices educated from amongst a wider group of Americas Universities.

    Harvard –

    Chief Justice John Roberts
    Anthony Kennedy
    Antonin Scalia
    Stephen Breyer
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Harvard, Columbia)


    Samuel Alito – Yale JD 1975
    David Souter
    Clarence Thomas – Yale JD 1974
    Sonia Sotomayor – Yale JD 1979

    Northwestern Law School.

    Justice John Paul Stevens

    The Presidents we have elected for the last twenty years, have themselves been Harvard or Yale educated. This has the potential to create an even more closed minded interpretation of our laws.

    Yale – Bush Sr. – 4 years
    Yale Law – Clinton – 8 years
    Yale – Bush, Jr. – 8 Years
    Harvard Law – Obama – 4 – 8 years

    When we consider that our Nation has potentially twenty – eight years of Presidential influence from these two Universities, as Americans, we should look long and hard at the influence Yale and Harvard have exerted on our nation’s policies. Barack Obama promised America Change, but he has continued the same discriminatory policy by appointing a Yale graduate over many qualified candidates that graduated from other top Colleges and Universities in America.

  2. I agree 100% percent. I think we need diversity in all aspects of life. We need some justices from the big cities, some from the heartland, some from the west. Some who have been prosecutors, some who have been criminal defense, some who have been trial lawyers, some who have been in corporate law.

    We also need diversity of background, both religion and work experience and ethnic experience.

  3. Well hell, why not another communist-socialist judge on the Supreme Court. We’ve already had Justice Felix Frankfurter back in the 30’s. Another commie-socialist Justice was Earl Warren, Eisenhower’s pick back in the late 50’s.

    FDR almost packed the Supreme Court, and but for the House and Senate, he would have been successful.

  4. You left out “Hanging Judge”. Wouldn’t the Supremes be eminently more entertaining and perhaps “fair” if there were a “Justice Roy Bean”.

  5. MOM! You are correct again. How come you come here so infrequently?

    I also wouldn’t want 9 hanging judges, just in case I got wrongfully accused of some capital offense…

  6. Too busy defending our bastion of Capitalism, baseball, mom and apple pie from the rampaging hordes of semi-literate new bureaucrats spawned by The Chosen One. The sad truth is that they’re not really any different than the semi-literate new bureaucrats spawned by GWB, The Great Inhaler, etc., etc., etc., just more visibly incompetent, arrogant and “entitled”. Can’t complain though, their arrogance and incompetence keeps me gainfully employed at an acceptable salary.

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