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The Ugly Side of Social Justice

It’s amazing that some clerics still believe in the socialist teachings of the communist-socialist sympathizer, Rev. Walter Rauschenbusch. I don’t think it’s the government’s right to tell me I HAVE to donate or how much I should donate. It’s my right to give to who I want, how much I want, and when I want. ‘course, that’s just me. The Ugly Side of Social Justice.

by Mr.G

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America 101 With Dean Obama

You know how I can tell Obama’s lying?…his lips are moving. Victor Davis Hanson gives a much more detailed explanation of Obama’s prevaricating ways. America 101 With Dean Obama. My Momma always told me to tell the truth because one little lie begets another lie and another lie, each one getting bigger and bigger. Before you know it, you start believing the lie yourself.

Mr. G

some stuff needs to be circulated…

I really have nothing to add, so I’ll shut up and see where this one goes…..  [By Uncle Frank]

Want my panties ?

Top Ten Democrat Party Slogans


Pink Obama

I will not be censored

Some libfags censor a high school student’s art, and John Doe reacts in predictable John Doe fashion.