bring it BIOOOTCH !

did I mention today is Armed Forces Day….THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SERVED AND SUPPORTED !!!!!

Everyone else can kiss my ASS , or your local Democrat….same difference….

35 responses to “bring it BIOOOTCH !

  1. Beautiful song. Some of the aircraft pictures brought back memories.

    • Hey Eddy…

      I could use some real competent help here…

      The good Lord knows; these philistines have been havin’ their way with me here…from time in memorial…

      Stand tall troop…!

      Iffen’ yah can’t eat it…
      Take ‘er straight in the gut… and die in the jungle…
      My Captain says that’s the way to go…!

    • Mr. Ed, I perused the article you linked to. And the other links in the article. What a bunch of leftist drivel. Come on now…the Bangor Daily news?…Salon…give me a break.

      The four freedoms posters were done by a great artist, but the captions under two of the posters give me pause and should give you pause too if you believe in the constitution. Where in the constitution does it say you have freedom from want or freedom from fear? In the declaration of independence, it says; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No where in either of these two historical documents does it say we have freedom from want or freedom from fear. If I had freedom from want, I’d have a briefcase full of money and a beautiful blonde under each arm. And if I had freedom from fear, I wouldn’t have to worry about some sumbitch “trying” to take it away from me.

      People “want” a lot of things, but unless they EARN them…tough shitsky.

      People fear a lot of things too. They fear this administration is taking the country in the wrong direction…they fear what Pelosi and Reid have up their sleeves. They afraid Obama’s not taking Islamic extremism seriously enough. We fear a lot of things so evidently, freedom from fear isn’t in the constitution either.

      • Anybody who thinks the Bangor Daily News is a liberal organ, isn’t thinking.

        Roosevelt didn’t argue for excess. He’s talking about freedom from want of the basics — freedom from hunger, freedom from thirst, freedom from easily preventable disease. You’d know that if you knew history. You’d commit to it, were you a patriot.

        But in the cynical drive to tear down everything in America, teabaggers don’t pause to understand what it is they tear down. Just like those vandals, idiot vandals, in Maine. They call for a “return to the Constitution” then urge people not to answer the Constitutionally-mandated census; and when they find the Constitution being taught to 8th graders, they come unglued. “Indoctrination,” “brainwashing,” and all the other things banjo-plucking backwards people call knowledge and history.

        You’re not interested in America. You’re interested in hoaxing two blondes into the sack. Just admit it, and get out of the policy road so we can fix things.

        Afraid Obama isn’t taking Islamic extremism seriously enough? Do we need remedial reading courses for teabaggers, too? Read the newspaper. We’ve got more people under arms fighting Islamic extremists now than during the Bush administration. Obama’s backed off of plans to bring us back into compliance with international law to keep innocents locked up.

        Do yo have newspapers in your part of the world?

        • You assumed two things about me Mr. Ed. You assumed that I’m illiterate and can’t read because I live in “fly-over” country and you assumed that I really give a shit what you think.

          I imagine I read as many newspapers as you do Mr. Ed. Perhaps we get a different take on things. I do believe in the constitution as originally written, not as the leftist liberals want it to be.

          You want freedom from want, get your ass out and work for it. Don’t come crying to the American taxpayer about how unfair it is because you’re too lazy to work and want someone to take care of all your wants and needs. ( Before you get your panties in a wad, I’m not talking about you personally, unless of course you’re one of those lazy “wanters”.) There’s too many able-bodied people out there sucking on the taxpayer teat already.

          I was being facetious with the two blondes statement, but it obviously went over your head.

          • I didn’t assume anything. You demonstrated you did not read the stuff. As Mark Twain noted, the man who can read and does not, has no advantage over the man who cannot read at all. Get the facts first. You assume much that simply is not so.

            You believe in the Constitution as originally written, but you think it shouldn’t be taught to 8th graders? Where is your condemnation of the people who vandalized that classroom and complained about the copies of the Constitution there? You assume you know, when you don’t. It’s apparent you haven’t even read what I wrote here.

            You want to let poverty and ignorance reign? Yeah, you and Scrooge. Scrooge wasn’t much fond of America, either.

            No, I can tell the difference between want and lust — nothing went over my head. But you have yet to demonstrate any appreciation for how want erodes the foundations of our freedoms, and why it’s important to quash it. You’d do well to read Jefferson, Madison and Washington sometime.

            • Mr. Ed, Explain to me your view how “want” erodes the foundations of our freedoms. I’d be interested in hearing this….no really.

              We have a saying…” want in one hand and spit in the other, see which one fills up faster.”

        • The most important terrorism people in Obama’s administration, Atty Gen. Holder and Dept of Homeland Sec. Napalitano can’t even say the words ” Islamic terrorists” when asked a direct question where the only answer is “Islamic terrorist”. The administration you’re so proud of, wants so desparately for these terror plots on our shores to be perpetrated by Tea Party folks instead of the real culprits, the Islamic terrorists.

          That’s what I read and see in the papers, unless of course it’s the New York Slimes. Their take on everything is so far left as to be unreadable by normal folks.

  2. Lipton T. Bagg

    Aw, c’mon Ed. Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub? You can’t find a more Socialist quote than that? I’m disappointed…

    “…Striving for accuracy in history, economics, geography, education, and a little science…”.

    This guy has got to strive harder. I read the story and it’s bullshit.


    • It’s bullshit that the Teabaggers don’t recognize the U.S. Constitution and think our fight in World War II was “perverse,” yeah.

      But you may be right — that may be just par for the course for that group.

      • Obviously Ed, the people who used that classroom weren’t Tea Party folks. Tea Party folks respect other people’s property and are strong supporters to the Constitution. You all must have let some RINO’s with leftist leanings use that room. I can simplify it for you;

        Tea Partyers- Respect for the Constitution and other people’s property. Hell, the areas where they hold their peaceful protests are cleaner when the folks leave than when they got there.[

        Leftist liberals and some RINOs- “The constitution is a living document. It should be able to change with the times. NO respect for other people’s property, as seen by the ubiquitious riots that happen at every leftist protest. Trashy, broken windows and burnt out cars, looting, ect.

        Yeah, it’s bullshit alright.

        • Ah, the old “No True Scotsman” evasion.

          They self-identified as Tea Party folk. They’ve been leading the charge for Tea Partiers in Maine. I think they just got smoked out. The site of an actual copy of the Constitution was too much for them, and they cracked, sorta like the movie vampires do before a crucifix.

          No riots, no looting, no classroom desecration at the Maine Democratic Convention.

          I think the true colors of the TP folks are showing.

  3. It’s gettin’ where you can’t trust anything on the internet any more, except for Smash Mouth, of course. 😉

  4. Beejeebus…LTB!

    Ain’t that just a little, itty, bitty, harsh…with respect to big [D], Democrats…?

  5. I’m very concerned…

    My absolutely, beautiful, drop dead, daughter is attending Hefner’s shindig in Beverly Hills on Monday, evening, next week…

    Her concept of camaraderie is… “Will I get my picture taken with the… the oldest, sorry, limp dick, geezer in Hollywood…?

    Snide remarks, unaccepted…
    Serious suggestions are most welcome…

    Olde geezer sends…!

  6. “…and I joined the damn Army…?

    There’s a damn fool born every 17 seconds…!

  7. I have a couple of thoughts, Ed. Were you this worked up over the Mojave cross that was stolen by liberals a week or so ago?

    Why do you equate Tea Partiers with Republicans? Are you that dumb, or have you just not informed yourself that there is a big difference?

    Teabaggers practice “teabagging;” that’s what faggot liberals do to each other. Tea Partiers are not “teabaggers.”

    You liberals are supposedly all about giving people the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty, yada yada, but in this case you jump to the conclusion that the Republicans are guilty, and that the Republicans were Tea Partiers. So you jump to two conclusions without any proof. The teacher looks like a flaming progressive. Progressives lie. Duh. He might be making that shit up.

    If, IF, a Republican actually took the poster, let’s just call it a “protest.” You progressives are all about burning and destroying shit in protest. Voila. It wasn’t a theft, it was a political protest. The thief is a fucking hero!

    • Were you this worked up over the Mojave cross that was stolen by liberals a week or so ago?

      That “thief” carefully removed the cross, had planned another, non-sectarian monument in its place, but it didn’t work. He or she has informed authorities that they can have the cross back, unharmed, any time.

      That’s a bit of a contest, a controversial subject. I was unaware that anyone was opposed to the Constitution, which protects the rights of people to put up crosses, if they do. The guys in Maine are attacking the rights of everybody in the Mojave cross case, including especially those who put the cross up and want to keep it there.

      I’m curious why you won’t stand up for the cross now, if you think this is tit for tat? You favor throwing the cross away?

      Why do you equate Tea Partiers with Republicans? Are you that dumb, or have you just not informed yourself that there is a big difference?

      That’s how the Teabaggers in Maine called it — they took over the Republican convention. Are they different creatures? Are you saying the Teabaggers illegally participated, and so violated more than just the vandalism laws?

      Tea partiers chose to wear teabags — it’s their symbol. If you’re saying the Tea partiers don’t think before they act, you’re right. Live with it, or get out of the mob. Mark Twain wrote that one honest citizen can stop a mob. Who stops these guys? No honest citizens among them?

      You liberals are supposedly all about giving people the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty, yada yada, but in this case you jump to the conclusion that the Republicans are guilty, and that the Republicans were Tea Partiers. So you jump to two conclusions without any proof. The teacher looks like a flaming progressive. Progressives lie. Duh. He might be making that shit up.

      The Republican Party of Maine has already apologized. The Republicans used the classroom. They left behind Republican bumper stickers. Do you have any evidence that the confession of the Tea Party/Republican Party is false? You’re saying Teabaggers lie as well?

      You think the Four Freedoms are “flaming progressive?” As Franklin noted, those who give away freedom for security deserve neither. You should choose which way to go — and between you and me, you’d be wise to choose the Constitution.

      You make false accusations. You claim that sins one another’s part justify sins on your part. No one’s asking for vengeance — we’re asking for civilization, for freedom from fear. You decide you support the Axis Powers’ view on that issue? You’ve self-selected yourself, then.

      • So you jump to two conclusions without any proof. The teacher looks like a flaming progressive. Progressives lie. Duh. He might be making that shit up.

        Just like a teabagger. Too lazy to notice it was the Constitution, too lazy to read the Constitution to see what it says, too lazy to read the story to see what the facts are.

        Freedom can’t be defended by lazy.

  8. For the few, the strong and the very, very brave…

    Throw another shrimp, on the Barbie gents…if yah will fer me…


  9. “…make me dead, before yah make me olde…

    Damn I missed that boat…been wounded a time or twelve or thirteen…

    Does that count…?

  10. The guys in Maine are attacking the Constitution. Puhleeeze. Just like a liberal, always over-playing your hand. At worst it was a prank, and they apologized. Get over it. I haven’t heard the thief who stole the cross apologize, and I haven’t heard any liberals gettting their little panties all twisted up in knots about it, either. Until you show some consistency, don’t expect me to care when your ox is being gored.

    Okay, Ed. I’ll just call you a scumbag. A used rubber. You got no problems calling Tea Partiers teabaggers, then you should not mind being called a scumbag. Don’t act like an idiot unless you are one. Using a tea bag as a symbol of protest does not invited nitwits to identify them with insulting terminology.

    Tea Partiers are democrats and independents, too. The fact that some are trying to take over the Republican party does not mean that everything the Republicans do is the responsability of the Tea Partiers, and vice versa. The blue dog democrats are not responsible for Nancy Pelosi’s extreme actions. All I’m saying is keep your terms straight. Don’t lump people together without knowing what you are talking about, or at least without making distinctions.

    • So, you’re Google challenged, too?

      You know, if you don’t get your facts right, and you leave half-cocked, the odds are high you’ll return half-cocked.

      Don’t let the facts get in the way of your views, eh?

      • Lipton T. Bagg


        You are a dumbshit. Theft is theft. Just like illegal is illegal. Ignorant liberals cannot grasp either concept. Or more accurately – fail to by choice.

        The court of the land had ruled. I don’t care of the thief was leaning right or left – it was theft and the person acted against the statute of law which govern the country. And no unsigned letter to a desert rag justifies the action.

        Additionally, this IS an anonymous letter. There is no way to verify the validity thereof – no compelling evidence to believe its anything but misdirection to allow shallow liberal miscreants to point at it and say “see? we did the right thing…”.

        And if I (being close to the area) ever get my hands on the thief – he’d wish the cross had fallen on him. That’s not a threat – it’s a promise.


  11. ”…Okay, Ed. I’ll just call you a scumbag. A used rubber….

    Dang JD…I ain’t seen or felt, one of those in about thirty years…as I recall, they were warm, limp and sorta soggy, if they worked…

    Rush has claimed they’re normally faulty…
    Like he would know…


  12. Oh, I see. I’m dealing with an idiot. I can write an anonymous letter in about 60 seconds “explaining” the precious little collage taken from the leftist teacher, too. That don’t make it so.

  13. JD…
    Hit the reply, tag…so we know to whom, yer talkin’ too…?

  14. Hey JD…

    Yah said… yah wanted to generate site traffic…?

  15. Gramps, I would never call you a moron. I was talking to Ed, about his anonymous letter.

    Ok, I’ll use the reply feature, now that somebody has splained it too me…

  16. unclefrank22801

    WOW, who would have thought that I started a wildfire….thanks guys

  17. uf2…
    Oh hell, well…

    I, got me a real short one…

    No fore stock, just a pistol grip, no shoulder stock, just an aft pistol grip…hurts like hell when I fire, three inch magnums with double ought into my arthritic wrists…

    Do yah think some sponge rubber would help around the pistole grips…?

  18. Lip, you are dumber than shit. Theft is theft. Vandalism is vandalism. You defend vandals on one side, while condemning them on the other. You’re a hypocrite, too.

  19. Ed Darrell, snarl, growl, ruff ruff! Take a deep breath, liberal. Nobody listens to that shit when you are drooling and have blood shooting out your eyes. Well, maybe liberals do, but normal people don’t…

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