John Doe on blogging

Random thoughts from a happy hour Friday.  I try to emulate what I like in other blogs. Imitation is the whatever of whatever.  (Takes another gulp of beer.) 

One of my favorite blogs is Hot Air because they have so many updates throughout the day.  I think I have ADHD when it comes to blogging. Of course, that’s why I set my home page to The Drudge Report.  It gets updated almost every five minutes.  That’s why I’ve asked some of my fellow bloggers to join me here–the more posts the merrier. I don’t want peeps to think that they can come here 1-2x per week and not miss anything. Ideally, I want them to miss something if t hey don’t come here 2-3x per day!   I love linkiest, but they only update basically 1x per day, and then take Saturday and Sunday off.  What up wid dat!? MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!

I adore The Boss, Michelle Malkin.  But. I. Can’t. Get. Into. Her blog.  Blog format matters.  Something about hers bugs me. Can’t put my finger on it.  But the way a blog looks and feels and the ease of use is important. 

I love original reporting and boots on the ground.  That’s one of my biggest failures.  But that’s why I love The Other McCain.  Hit the tip jar–road trips ain’t cheap! 

I hate same ole same ole.  Once I’ve read a story somewhere, that’s it, I’m bored, I don’t want to just regurgitate what I already read and what somebody else said, better and mo eloquentleee.  So sometimes I get writers’ block. I can’t do it as good as _______ [fill in the blank].  I won’t bother to make new posts because _______ [ditto] already did it.   So sometimes you get no new posts for days. 

I want to know something about the blogger when I read a new post. So I try to give insight to my feeble mind. I also want to hear some information the blogger has that is inside info, or at least a unique perspective. That’s why I try to write about crap that I know more than the average bear. I don’t know crap about India or California or orbiting earth, but I know about The Lions, Virginia law, Texas Hold ’em, and what I did for my eighteenth birthday.  So that’s what I try to write about.   If I occasionally amuse or inspire, all the better. If not, come here for pictures of the hot babes. I’ll take hits no matter where they come from…

Well, there’s all that stuff (takes another hefty gulp, and another, of cold beer).  But I also like to mix it up. I don’t like all heavy, meaty, hard to digest long posts.  I also don’t like all short, no substance posts.  I like some short, some long, some funny, some serious, some wiff hawt women, some that will make you cry, some that you ain’t seen anywhere else, some that you’ve seen everywhere else but wiff a little twist.  In short, I like to keep my loyal readers (and those who ain’t loyal yet) off balance, always wanting more.  So do come back.  And tell us what you like and don’t like!

15 responses to “John Doe on blogging

  1. It’s only 4:50 in Alaska right now, still 40 minutes until I get to the refrigerator…those hefty gulps are making me thirsty.

    Your points on blogging are outstanding and I have tried over the years to achieve something like them, but quality and variety take TIME. I can do about two good posts a week or rush out some stuff daily. Nobody ever said it was gonna be Semi-Tough.

    Bob Belvedere directed me here. Why I never found you before I have no idea, but I subscribed. See you around!

    • Lipton T. Bagg


      We like Bob. I’m a student of his Blogwhorring 101 online class. mention it in a comment at his site – I guarantee a response!

      On behalf of JD, glad to have you here Robert. Come back and comment often!

      (Unofficial Smash Mouth Welcome Wagon Rep)

  2. Really good post. I know what you mean about wanting to avoid being part of an echo chamber, regurgitating info. You have to add value one way or another: either with info no one else has, or your personal twist on it, or amazingly funny or eloquent or something.

    I rely the most on Instapundit, but that is probably b/c I was a student in 4 of his classes, many moons ago. So I’ve got a sense of the guy behind the blog.

    I like yours too; I’ll be back.

    • Lipton T. Bagg

      Thanks. On behalf of JD, glad to have you here. Come back and visit often!

      I bet it was interesting taking classes from Insty…

      (Unofficial Smash Mouth Welcome Wagon Rep)

  3. Great post …JD…

    Later, Gramps….

  4. Lipton T. Bagg

    Agreed. JD’s my hero…..


  5. Did I say…I’ll crimp yer anal sphincter…

  6. LTB…
    I,m totally “off base”…!
    No offense…Sir..?

  7. Lipton T. Bagg

    No worries Gramps. Had I thought you serious I’d have responded in kind.


  8. Keep on keepin’…ON…

  9. JD..
    My compliments…
    Mother Wodka has me in her arms…

    Your honest thoughts are and were very human
    I’ll be back…


  10. Folkes…is this coool. or whattt…!

  11. unclefrank22801

    It’s ONLY cool cuz I’M HERE…no really, but screw you anyway !

    HA….Just Kidding, now wake up and do the damn dishes….the mother ship has landed and tehy looking for you !

    • Dammit uf2…

      I’m OOC…, [Out Of Country…]

      Still got me bottle of водка in me rucksack…
      All is well gentlemen…

      Did I ever tell yah I wouldn’t get on no aeroplane, again?

      I am not a truth teller…to my chagrin…

      H&K’s [that’s, Heckler an Kochs]

  12. Thanks for the musings, JD. Good points about what makes a worthwhile blog. Also good for insight into JD’s thinking.

    Best, Steve

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