Welcome To The Obama News Agency! – UPDATED

…or more accurately, I recommend the acronym BONA (Barry’s Own News Agency).

Apparently, having the MSM march lockstep to Barry’s whim and desire is not good enough. So with this move, the WH no longer has to concern itself over the proper spin of Administration policy, becaus they will do the spinning!   “Baghdad Bob” Gibbs and Mr. Obama can simply dictate the content of the news out of the White House, in essence becoming its own independent news outlet.

SO with BONA, we will now have true state controlled media to rank with the champions of free expression such as TASS, XINHUA, Korea Central News Agency and ISNA.

And although I want to wax sarcastic about this development, this is real news. And presents another dangerous step toward real Socialism by the Obama Regime.

Without going into unnecessary dramatics, in the last 17 months the Obama Administration has applied (or attempting to apply) government control to:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Education and student loans
  • Healthcare availability
  • Automotive industry, and by proxy, the parts and services within this vertical
  • Transportation – wheeled, rail and air traffic plus climate “sciences”, and now
  • Public Information and free expression

Ladies and gentlemen, does this not feel a bit uncomfortable to anyone but me?

Add to this the nomination Elena Kagan, who in The University of Chicago Law Review published her belief in “redistribution of speech” and we have a genuine attempt to flank the media. This guy really wants to control the written and spoken word about what he does, when he does and and who he’s doing it to.

By using Gibbs and the WHs other “protocol droids”, to create an independent, Administration-operated news outlet, Mr. Obama is launching a pre-emptive strike to diminish the freedom of the press. With this action, the White House is beginning an offensive designed to choke the life out of news outlets they deem unfriendly – such as Fox News, Drudge Report, Breitbart, and of course, the Blogosphere.”

In this fashion, Mr. Obama can indeed become more “The Master Of My Universe”. Obama’s dangerous, and becoming more so by the day.  November cannot come soon enough.


UPDATE:  I am disappointed no one noted the subliminal message on Mr. Obama’s lower monitor screen.  He says so much with so little….

13 responses to “Welcome To The Obama News Agency! – UPDATED

  1. Hate to tell ya I told ya so. 😉

  2. Lipton T. Bagg

    Now we get to listen to the daily BONA from Gibbs…


  3. • Banking and Financial Institutions
    Without the TARP; initiated under Peterson and Bush the crooks and criminals on Wall Street could have plunged the whole world into economics depression.

    *footnote</em…there's a good chance that some of these so called capitalists will go to damn, jail!

    • Education and student loans
    Why not cut out the middlemen bankers that just screwed us royally above…?

    • Healthcare availability
    Well I donnoe know, how about 30 million folks who don’t have none…?

    • Automotive industry, and by proxy, the parts and services within this vertical
    Looks to me like GM has new life and Ford never took none…!

    • Transportation – wheeled, rail and air traffic plus climate “sciences”, and now
    Times are a changin’…LTB…

    If’n Yah don’t move it…yer lose it…!

    • Public Information and free expression
    Gimme a damn break…Limpbaugh, Beck, Levin, Hannity, Malkin, Livingston, Savage…eta all…!

    You LTB are in the catbird seat
    You dah babe…LTB…!

  4. It seems to me that worrying about the Obama news agency is waste of time. Instead, let’s go back to your list.

    ■Banking and Financial Institutions
    ■Education and student loans
    ■Healthcare availability
    ■Automotive industry, and by proxy, the parts and services within this vertical
    ■Transportation – wheeled, rail and air traffic plus climate “sciences”, and now
    ■Public Information and free expression

    Follow the money. Obama has spent a trivial amount on his “news agency,”but he has spent hundreds of billions elsewhere.

    When do we become slaves? That happens when government controls how we earn and spend our wealth. One way government controls us is by controlling our access to information. Our school system, our education system, is where the control of information begins. If the Obama news agency is effective at all, it is only because our government has so poorly educated us.

    • Lipton T. Bagg


      There is no point in worrying about it – it’s here. And it will remain here at least as long as Mr. Obama is in office. But education is key – as your suggest. My point was to bring this to light – it IS a change in business as usual. And with this particular president I find little to be coincidental. A little sarcasm is my fatal flaw (OK, a LOT of sarcasm at times). But it lightly soothes the bitter pill we are being told to swallow.

      I wish I could say that governmental waste began with the Obama regime, but such would be a terrible lie. What I detest is all recent leadership is the lack of restraint in use of the money we ask them to use on our behalf. And the coinciding erosion of personal liberty and freedom adds insult to injury.

      And thus we have the public uprising we have today. We saw such an uprising in 1994 too, and those we entrusted with our government did reasonable well for a short time – then lost their way. I can only hope if we are again so fortunate, our leaders will not lose sight as soon as the class of 94 did.


  5. Lipton T. Bagg

    Gramps, you’re better off commenting on naked girls – although you had no “bone of contention” there either.

    History will show TARP caused more damage that it repaired – just like the New (Raw) Deal before it. TARP did nothing but create slush funds for Democrats and industries supporting them. 82% of TARP money was earmarked for districts and businesses represented by Democrats and/or voted for Obama. And the number 1 recipient of Goldman Sachs campaign contributions was?????

    footnote: Note a damn one going to jail – wishful thinking on behalf of Fiberals. Goldman Sachs charges have no teeth – they are a political power play to allow Das Schwartkapf to exert greater control over the financial sector. Another dog and pony show to deflect interest from the real issues before us for which Fiberals do not have the answers.

    Student loans: Are you kidding me? Are you really that stupid/naive? The costs of student loans will GO UP! With proceeds going to the government – not the people. And the people again will pay to support bloated bureaucracy.

    Healthcare: Research shows that around 8 million more people will actually receive healthcare – compared to the latest numbers available. Those people will be paid for by – YOU AND I! That leaves 20+ million still uninsured. Of course, Fiberals simply glance over that fact.

    GM: GM blatantly lied about repayment of TARP money. And they will get away with it because the WH has already had a BONA over the issue. Chrysler is still teetering on the brink -even with help from Fiat and TARP. And yes, Ford is doing quite well WITHOUT a dime of TARP money – which oh, BTW, supports my contention that smart business will survive and sub-standard business will die – with or without TARP money. They just die slower with the government check supporting longer burn rate.

    Free expression: Yes, especially them – but Gramps, also for you and I. Without the Rushes, Becks, Frankens, (Bill) Presses of the world, our civil liberties would be dramatically diminished. People who push the envelope keep it from collapsing for the general population. Besides, as previously stated, you Fiberals are simply jealous to not have your own Rush or Malkin (especially Malkin – too bad we’re both taken!). If you did, you’d worship him/her as a media demagogue. You know this to be true, you staed as much with your implicit support of the medium used in the PETA message.

    Once again Gramps, you have been measured and found wanting. But I enjoyed talking to ya as always!


  6. Lipton T. Bagg

    And Gramps, I just ate your cat. And your bird. With soy sauce – delish!


  7. ”…Gramps, you’re better off commenting on naked girls – although you had no “bone of contention” there either.

    Dang it LTB…yah sure know how… yah think… yer gonna get my goat…?

    Hey trooper, I didn’t spend all those years in Southeast Asia without learnin’, somethin’…about herbal medicine.

    Being the olde O&I guy, on team; I used to store “chip locate” some of that fine local knowledge”intel” into the bottom of my minds, rucksack…and to this day it has served me very, very well, indeed.

    Never you mind…someday, maybe sooner than you know Sir, you, may be sendin’ me an personal, email askin’ fer advice…?

    Keep on keepin’ on Trooper…

    The Aussie’s SAS, liked to hoot…Perserver…!

    I like our hoot… better!

  8. You smuggled some o’ that Thai Stick back didn’t ya gramps. 😉

  9. Lipton T. Bagg


    “..Dang it LTB…yah sure know how… yah think… yer gonna get my goat…?”

    Damnit, I knew I forgot to eat sumthing – it was your goat!

    I’ll rustle it up tomorrow. How about some old fashioned Filipino Sinigang? It’s damn fine with goat meat, and even better with “WODKA”…


  10. ”You smuggled some o’ that Thai Stick back didn’t ya gramps.


    I have never smuggled or tried to smuggle any damn thing, for personal gain, in my whole life…

    I personally, as a trooper… was deceptively, personally, smuggled, into scenarios, complimentary to our national interests…

    What’s not too like, about that…?

    In 1965, during this soldier’s exit from Vietnam… I shipped a footlocker, that contained one set, of my Army [tropical, kakie, short, sleeve, dress, uniform] to my, dear, Mother.

    That footlocker, also contained more than 1000, b/w, 35mm, photos, I had taken, with my Nikon F, camera, on patrol and after vicious, camp attacks, on four of our, A Team camps and patrols, by Charlie from 1962 to 1966…

    My dear Momma , never received that footlocker…and to this very day neither has, my own, sorry, boney, arse, soldier’s, self…!

    May the good Lord… take a liken’ to yeh…tmrg!

    • May the good Lord take a liken’to you too Gramps.

      I had hoped you’d take my comment in the good humor it was intended to convey. I meant no offense so get a grip ya ol’ hippie, from another ol’ hippie. 😉

  11. Hey are all you gents, unemployed due to President Obama’s sorry economy…or are yah all finally retired…?

    Beejeebuss…I’m seventy-two and I just trouble shot and drove 193 miles today to put a public safety, microwave site, back on the air this afternoon…

    If you gentlemen expect responses after yer early morning posts, yer gonna hafta wait, till this olde geezer gets off the damn road…usually, sometimes in the late PM.

    H&K’s gentlemen…!

    May be, not what yah think…
    Heckler and Kochs…!

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