In solidarity with our brother Bob Belvedere over at The Camp of the Saints, I hereby post what are (hopefully) “copyrighted” photos of the stupidest bitch ever to call herself a “conservative blogger.”  Hopefully if enough bloggers post her pathetic looking photos, she will not have enough time to go around attacking true conservatives.  Here is another one that caught my eye:  “When does Debbie come after me?”  Here’s another about “Debbie Demento” from Saber Point.  The more the merrier. 

That photo must have been taken ten fifteen years ago on her best day, with caked on makeup and loads of photoshopping.

Here are a few how she really looks.  Ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

Send ME a letter, Schlusselpie, I’m a lawyer.  Let’s see what you got.  You even still licensed, if you ever were?

By John Doe


  1. I am honored. Thank you.

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  4. Nice article i agree with every statement.

  5. The Polish people support you!

  6. Look at her. She’s got a pig face. Max factor makeup must love her. Let’s drop pig face into the middle of about 25 Isis . That’ll be the biggest turn out of all time. “Choo,choo. All aboard. Deb the pig faced slut will be pulling out with this sweaty ol train in 5 minutes”. Sad part is,the whore would probably enjoy it.

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