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Welcome To The Obama News Agency! – UPDATED

…or more accurately, I recommend the acronym BONA (Barry’s Own News Agency).

Apparently, having the MSM march lockstep to Barry’s whim and desire is not good enough. So with this move, the WH no longer has to concern itself over the proper spin of Administration policy, becaus they will do the spinning!   “Baghdad Bob” Gibbs and Mr. Obama can simply dictate the content of the news out of the White House, in essence becoming its own independent news outlet.

SO with BONA, we will now have true state controlled media to rank with the champions of free expression such as TASS, XINHUA, Korea Central News Agency and ISNA.

And although I want to wax sarcastic about this development, this is real news. And presents another dangerous step toward real Socialism by the Obama Regime.

Without going into unnecessary dramatics, in the last 17 months the Obama Administration has applied (or attempting to apply) government control to:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Education and student loans
  • Healthcare availability
  • Automotive industry, and by proxy, the parts and services within this vertical
  • Transportation – wheeled, rail and air traffic plus climate “sciences”, and now
  • Public Information and free expression

Ladies and gentlemen, does this not feel a bit uncomfortable to anyone but me?

Add to this the nomination Elena Kagan, who in The University of Chicago Law Review published her belief in “redistribution of speech” and we have a genuine attempt to flank the media. This guy really wants to control the written and spoken word about what he does, when he does and and who he’s doing it to.

By using Gibbs and the WHs other “protocol droids”, to create an independent, Administration-operated news outlet, Mr. Obama is launching a pre-emptive strike to diminish the freedom of the press. With this action, the White House is beginning an offensive designed to choke the life out of news outlets they deem unfriendly – such as Fox News, Drudge Report, Breitbart, and of course, the Blogosphere.”

In this fashion, Mr. Obama can indeed become more “The Master Of My Universe”. Obama’s dangerous, and becoming more so by the day.  November cannot come soon enough.


UPDATE:  I am disappointed no one noted the subliminal message on Mr. Obama’s lower monitor screen.  He says so much with so little….



In solidarity with our brother Bob Belvedere over at The Camp of the Saints, I hereby post what are (hopefully) “copyrighted” photos of the stupidest bitch ever to call herself a “conservative blogger.”  Hopefully if enough bloggers post her pathetic looking photos, she will not have enough time to go around attacking true conservatives.  Here is another one that caught my eye:  “When does Debbie come after me?”  Here’s another about “Debbie Demento” from Saber Point.  The more the merrier. 

That photo must have been taken ten fifteen years ago on her best day, with caked on makeup and loads of photoshopping.

Here are a few how she really looks.  Ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

Send ME a letter, Schlusselpie, I’m a lawyer.  Let’s see what you got.  You even still licensed, if you ever were?

By John Doe

Peta Protest Just Makes Me HUNGRY!!!

New campaign makes me think.  

Yum yum!

Makes me think, “Get in mah belly!”  Guess I’m going to have to go purchase some prime rib or tenderloin for tonight!  Thanks, PETA.

John Doe

Mojave Cross Stolen For Scrap Metal

or by crazed anti-religious zealots. 

An A.P. writer pondered the question:  “Authorities had no immediate motive for the theft but ideas range from scrap metal scavengers to people with an interest in the case.”

My newest favorite pundit, Susan Swift at Big Journalism, pondered what lead the liberal A.P. writer to such a conclusion:

“Scrap metal scavengers?!?  Of course!  Imagine the confused, head-scratching scene in the Associated Press newsroom when this story broke.  Why?  Why would anyone steal this cross, they puzzled?  On the one hand, you have embittered anti-religious zealots who just lost a years’ long battle costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

“On the other hand, you have a 7 foot tall cross with a scrap value of maybe $100, which would take at least two men most of a day, a pickup truck, and probably 20 gallons of gas, for the 250 mile round trip, not to mention the long hike to access, cut and remove the cross, leaving a net profit of perhaps $20 each for a day’s work.  So, who could it have been – bitterly aggrieved anti-religion zealots?  Or economically suicidal scrap metal scavengers?  Why, scrap metal scavengers!”

Not to mention that the cross had stood in the same spot for decades (it was a monument to soldiers in WWI).  Yeah, it probably was just a coincidence that just days after the anti-religious zealots lost that scavenger stole it to sell it for scrap.  Gramps will buy that, after a few rounds anyway!  😛

By John Doe

Pamela Anderson…

HA !!!! Made ya look, but she owes some BIG money from back taxes….