Three Cheers for Virginia man

He smashed a bottle over a would be robber’s head, foiling the robbery of a convenience store and possibly saving the clerk’s life. 

Course many will say that if he had stayed out of it he would not have been shot 4x.  But the robber was clearly trigger happy.  He had already shot at the clerk’s feet twice, and the patron probably didn’t know that the robber was just trying to scare her.  

He’s a hero in my book.  Take on what appears to be a .357 mag with just a beer bottle!?  Incredible.

UPDATE:  Probably not a .357.   I didn’t see any recoil, and the bore seems too small.  But still.

One response to “Three Cheers for Virginia man

  1. A beer bottle; you don’t say…

    Wholy, Mholy…that’s even worse than bringin’ a knife to a gun fight…

    He musta been totin’ some jumbo huevos,, along with that bottle of beer, for sure…!

    Makes me wonder if the bottle was empty?
    If yer gonna waste good beer, that’s about as good a purpose that might be found?

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