Mothers’ Day–Is it just me?

The following could have been written about me.  What the guy told his wife is almost verbatim what I said to my wife in the past.  I said to my wife that she is not my mother, that mothers’ day is between her and our two adult children now.  I am not sure how well that went down, judging by how that same attitude affected this other woman.  From MomLogic:

Last Mother’s Day, momlogic spoke with a woman who said that Mother’s Day ended her marriage. “I knew Mother’s Day was off to a bad start when my husband informed me the night before that the holiday had nothing to do with him and it should be between me and the kids. In the morning, I was handed a cold cup of coffee by my husband. My card and gift were left downstairs. The card and gift had been bought hours earlier, after my husband asked me, “So, what do you want, anyway?” No thought, no advance planning, no special effort put forth at all. It was so disappointing. I chose to sleep on the couch that night. My husband chose to move out. Mother’s Day essentially marked the end of our marriage.”

Now obviously that woman’s marriage could have been on the rocks and this was just the final straw.  But apparently she is not alone in her attitude.  The day after Mothers’ Day is one of the biggest days of the year for married women to sign up for a website that specializes in arranging married persons to have an affair (I won’t say which website–hopefully you do not want to know, and if you do, I won’t be helping you out).  Over thirty thousand women nationwide signed up the very next day after Moms’ Day.  The next biggest days for sign up by women is following New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day (Okay, I get that last one). 

My question is, how do you other gents out there treat your wife on Mothers’ Day?  I used to encourage my children to treat her special, but I have even stopped that (it did not work with my son, and my daughter probably didn’t need the encouragement).  And Mom, if you still read here, why don’t women just say what they want if they want their hubby to treat them special on Mothers’ Day?

By John Doe

7 responses to “Mothers’ Day–Is it just me?

  1. Jeez man, have you no decency? You are supposed to do back flips for her because she is the mother of your children. I don’t know about you.

  2. Sheldon! I thought you had deserted us. I’ll bet you and Ed Darrell would get along famously.

  3. Mother’s day celebrates the mothers in our lives. We tell our friend’s “Happy Mother’s Day” why would we not celebrate the wives, who are the mothers of your children? Men expect us to treat them special for Father’s Day – well guess what? It only works that way if you do something nice for us on our day. I personally don’t care to have my husband “do back flips” for me. Some small gesture that says “hey, I know being a mother is hard. On this day, let me help you out a bit.” Or do you think that women should be the only ones raising the kids? From your other blogs, I have to assume that you think we need to go back to the days when the men where practicaly non-existent except when it was time for them to exercise their husbandly rights.

    • Lipton T. Bagg


      “…, I have to assume that you think we need to go back to the days when the men where practicaly non-existent except when it was time for them to exercise their husbandly rights…”

      Not true – on occasion, I’ve been accused of being absent DURING the performance of my “husbandly duties”, so there….

      Seriously, I ALWAYS provide special things for Ms. T. Bagg on Mother’s Day. She’s a great woman, a fine mother and she deserves far more than I can ever offer her. But I do it because I WANT to, not because it’s expected.

      And of course, I LIKE the “husbandly duties” part, too. It’s always better after one has done the right thing…..


  4. Barefoot, pregnant, and chained to the stove, eh? j/k

    Hope MY wife doesn’t read this. 😉

  5. Lighten up, Jenny Baby. I cook for my family. And I do only play poker 3 nights a week. Since you are a woman, I’ll do the math for you. That means I’m home–like it or not–the other 4 nights a week. How much more could a woman stand of me?! 😛

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