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Attack of the 50 Foot Pelosi

It’s tall and scary, coming to a town near you!

From Big Government: Attack of the 50 Foot Pelosi

By ThatMrGuy

Bob McDonnell you IGNORANT SLUT!!!

End. Of. Career [I hope].  R.I.P. 

Sooner or later every “conservative” P.O.S. elected official breaks our hearts.   Usually they take a while after being elected to turn–like warm milk turns into yogurt–into worthless p.o.s.  Not McDonnell.  He rushed out faster than a frat pledge to join the raise taxes bunch.

From the Times Dispatch

“The McDonnell administration is asking the federal government for permission to put tolls on Interstate 95 near the North Carolina border.”

“If approved, Virginia’s tolls on one of the country’s most traveled arteries could cost between $1 to $2 per axle, potentially reaping $30 million to $60 million a year, according to the administration. The money would have to be used for improvements along the corridor.”

Hey!  Let’s raise taxes on the interstate!  That way our people won’t have to pay all the taxes!  They won’t squawk as much as if we ripped them off taxed them that much.  Yeah!  Let’s be like those idiots up in New England where you have to pay a toll about every other mile.  Let’s slow up traffic, and cause several traffic deaths in the future, just because our Governor is a dumb ass.  That’s the ticket!