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and there goes there brains, nothing LEFT but their HATE, no CHANGE…

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Stealth candidate nominates friend as stealth nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court

We vet presidential candidates for roughly two years now.  But since the press no longer does its job, Obamster got a free pass. We haven’t seen his long form birth certificate, any of  his grammar school records, his Occidental college records, his Columbia college records, his Harvard law transcripts.  Hell, we aren’t even sure that he wrote the two books that he supposedly wrote.  We know virtually nothing about him.  He could not even get hired as a lower level associate at a typical law firm without producing his transcripts.  We got nothing. 

His nomination of Elena Kagan is more of the same.  We do not know what she believes.  We do not know how she will rule.  We do know that she is “a friend” of Barack Zero Obama and that they both became lecturers in the Chicago School of Law in the same year.  We know that Obama is a radical.  I think it is safe to assume that his friends are likewise radicals until proven otherwise. 

The fact that some Republicans voted to support her nomination to the position of Solicitor General is of no import.  That job is a mere mouthpiece for the government and is not a life-long tenured position.  I do not consider the fact that she has no experience as a judge to be a negative.  Many justices in the past have not been judges before they were elevated to the bench. 

The most notorious in my book was Earl Warren, who was California District Attorney, Attorney General and then Governor before ascending to the position of Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.  But he also illustrates the problem with elevating someone to the Court who has no history of judging upon which to judge his credentials.  Everyone assumed that Warren would be a law and order type conservative, due to his prior career in law enforcement.   But he turned out to be the leader of one of the most liberal courts in United States history.

Obama himself is on record himself while a Senator as opposing conservative nominees solely upon their conservative positions.  I think that Republican Senators should treat his nominee the same way that Obama treated George Bush’s nominee.  Oppose Kagan for the simple reason that Obama opposed Bush’s nominee.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.