Uuuhhhh, is this thing on ???

I am here and ready to inform, insult or at least make you think….

What do YOU think ?

[Virgin post by Uncle Frankie!]

8 responses to “Uuuhhhh, is this thing on ???

  1. FRANNNNKIIIIIIIIE!! Man, are we in trouble now! 😉

  2. Uuuuuuh… Yeah it’s on. You better be on yer best game if ya think you can insult this crowd. 😉

  3. unclefrank22801

    it’ll be easy. Democrats hate the TRUTH and I have a history of telling people the TRUTH !

  4. The truth will set you free. Are there 22800 other unclefranks out there? Man o man are we in trouble.

  5. unclefrank22801

    No, thankfully, I am the Original, undeniable, unmistakable, unbeatable speaker of Truth, justice and the American Way of THE FUTURE !

  6. Lipton T. Bagg

    Frank! DUDE!!!

    Glad to finally have you on board. Now go forth ye, and piss off Fiberals!

    Clear on the right, clear on the left, clearing on the firing line. You may now commence fire.

    Scan your sector….

    (SmashMouth Fiberal Rangemaster)

  7. Neither here nor there, but hey…

    Worlds’ Greatest Daughter [born in Virginia, BY GOD]… “the ‘Civil War…”

    John Doe: “You mean the ‘War of Northernnn Agression?”

    Later in the SAME conversation…

    WGD… “the Civil War…”

    John Doe: “What!!? What war?”

    WGD: “The Waaaarah of Northernnn Agressionnnnnn.”

    John Doe: “That’s right, about time…”

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