Are ugly girls better in bed than pretty girls?

Courtney Love thinks those who are “more homely” are better because they have to “try harder” than “the prettier ones.” FINALLY, something that we can all debate and there can be no loser!  Those less beautiful girls can try harder, prettier girls can get upset and try even harder yet. What’s the downside?

Is a burkha just a bag?

At least one self-professed hottie got irritated at the challenge to her hotness in bed:

“Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty girl. I’ve had enough random, outspoken men on the street tell me so, and at some point, you just have to start agreeing with them. And, Ms. Love, I also happen to be a fireball in bed. I know my ex-boyfriend and our neighbors with the really thin walls (and let’s face it, everyone who lived in our old apartment building) would be able to back me up on that one. Like anything else I care about in my life, I try to give it my all when I’m in between the sheets, and I do not “just lie there,” thank you very much.” [Her anecdotal evidence went on to indicate that this was a stereotype with some truth behind it.]

So, I say let’s have readers chime in.  Now, I know that all of the writers and readers here at Smash Mouth have beautiful significant others, so we can at best merely speculate as to whether the less beautiful women out there really do try harder in bed. But, hell, let’s speculate any way!  The worst that can happen is that those who do not consider themselves beautiful will try harder, and those who do consider themselves beautiful will be spurred on (yeehaw!) to try even harder.  [In doing research for this article I came across a new word to me: butterface.  I even found a top ten list of butterfaces:  “Some girls are sexy, but have an ugly personality. Some girls are sexy, but have an ugly sense of style. Some girls are sexy, but have an ugly-ass grill that looks like Mickey Rourke after fighting 12 rounds.”]

What think all y’all?  By John Doe

2 responses to “Are ugly girls better in bed than pretty girls?

  1. That girl was stacked like a brick shithouse, but her face looked like it caught on fire and someone put it out with an ice pick.

  2. unclefrank22801

    the “other” women I have been with KNOW how to please their man. The pretty ones don’t give a shit, they can get “it” whenever, where as the Fatties (insert ANY name) love it when they get theirs on…and they please their man of the moment, not really bitching if they don’t “get” theirs…just sayin’…not from first hand…LOL

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