Soldiers surprising their loved ones

I always follow Smitty’s lead.  Especially when he’s right.  But, ahem.  Chuck Norris doesn’t cry.  He sweats out of his tear ducts on occasion.  WARNING:  Watch this in private. 

4 responses to “Soldiers surprising their loved ones

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    I watched it. In public. I cried. I don’t care.

    I wish every mother missing her military child would experience this joy tomorrow.

    Many won’t.

    And to those who will have to wait, we send lour love, prayers and gratitude – because it’s not just your child who has sacrificed with their service.


  2. Frank J Witt

    LTB ~ Thanks from a military father. Our daughters are overseas right now and Mom does miss them…

  3. You would think that once I’d seen it 4-5 x that I wouldn’t cry like a baby when I viewed it…

  4. Lipton T. Bagg

    I have been both the son and the father in this scenario. I also have a child serving in the AF (though currently in CONUS).

    I know this scenario all to well many times over. But those experience, while hurtful, and enriched and strengthened me as a man, a soldier and a citizen.

    I again send thanks to all the parents of all those far away today. Your children love you – so do your fellow citizens.

    Thank you.


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