National Offend a Feminist Week

Let me be the first to proclaim it a rousing success.  And to lobby that we make it a month-long event next year.  Prizes for certain categories.  Best under 10 years old offender get an anatomically correct blow up doll that looks like Gloria Steinham did back in her “prime.”  Best over 70 offender gets one that looks like her now.   Best offender who works in a Rule 5 while offending gets our undying gratitude. 


6 responses to “National Offend a Feminist Week

  1. Frank J Witt

    Q~ how many male chauvinist pigs does it take to change a light bulb in a kitchen….

    A ~ NONE ! Let the bitch cook in the dark !!!!

  2. There is a general disdain for ‘shops in Rule 5 Sunday posts, boss.

  3. Frank, CHECK YOUR EMAIL>>>>

  4. By golly I donnoe…fer a babe three-fourths of a century olde, she looks pretty damn fine…!

    Or maybe it’s me eyes…?

    Some of you gents might do well, to request, some of her anti-aging secrets…

  5. try unclefrank2…..

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