Dan Fanelli for Congress!

I’m John Doe and I support this message. May Alan Grayson’s head explode when he loses!

18 responses to “Dan Fanelli for Congress!

  1. Golly gee…It would appear Mr. Alan Grayson has been has been more than just a burr under the blanket for the GOP…?

    “Mr. Grayson has filed dozens of lawsuits against Iraq contractors on behalf of corporate whistle-blowers. He won a huge victory last month [March 2006] when a federal jury in Virginia ordered a security firm called Custer Battles LLC toreturn $10 million in ill-gotten funds to the government. The ruling marked the first time an American firm was held responsible for financial improprieties in Iraq.” – The Wall Street Journal, April 19, 2006

    In 2006 no less…during the heyday of Mr. Bush’s unfortunate, adventure into the valley of the Euphrates, in olde Mesopotamia, it would seem…that might have bundled, considerable pairs, of tidy whites around the Whitehouse…

    Eh what…?

  2. Frank J Witt

    Gramps, are the shorts too tight today?

  3. Yeah, Gramps, Republicans hate it when corporations get caught ripping off the government. Dang, I know I personally hate it when some corporation has to repay money that they stole from the taxpayers. [That is sarcasm, in case Agent Orange and/or that cheap wodka you drink has rotted your brain.]

    In just a short comment Gramps committed two logical fallacies. One, he set up a straw man fallacy by assuming that Republicans oppose whistle blower suits to return fraud and abuse to the government. [He is “more than just a burr under the blanket for the GOP” presumably because he won a huge verdict.]

    Two, he makes an irrelevant argument by implication. He equates doing good in one area (winning cases against fraud) with doing good in another area (being correct on the issues and being a good representatvie). So by that “logic” Gramps, if I win a $10 million verdict, you will automatically support all my policies and support my run for office?

    He also commits the logical fallacy that because the GOP were in the white house when Grayson won the verdict that the GOP must have opposed the verdict. Granted, I think it is safe to assume that the WH may have been embarrassed by the verdict. They knew that wodkaholic brain dead voters and pure partisans would blame them because the fraud occurred while they were in charge. But it does not follow that they knew about the fraud and wanted the corp to keep its ill-gotten gains. Neither the government in general nor the GOP in particular lose when $10 million (less +$3 million to Grayson for his fees) is returned to them.

    And Gramps neglected to point out that Grayson wasn’t filing those law suits out of the goodness of his heart, he was doing it because it allowed him to quickly become a multi-millionaire. So to give ANY support to Grayson for filing those law suits makes about as much sense as it would to support Michael Jackson for congressman because he could moonwalk.

  4. Hey JD…

    I knew I couldn’t slip any of those “strawguys“ or “logical fallacies” past yah gents.

    I was just checkin’ if you were bothering to read my posts, and…

    One: Were yah gonna rip on Mr. Dan Fanelli, fer settin’ up the “terrorist, strawguy”?

    Two: Fanelli’s, “illogical reasoning”, as some irrelevant, pretext, to vote for him… instead of Grayson?

    Anyone; including Grayson, would keep a known, terrorist off an aeroplane and why did he use the olde, white haired, geezer in juxtaposition, to the swarthy, dark haired, guy, instead of a crew cut, blond, clean shaven, Timmy McVeigh…?

    Gimme a break…

    NOTE: Fanelli’s one minute spot is 70 seconds long…Oh yah…

  5. Frankly, Gramp, I’d support ANYBODY over Grayson. He’s a dickhead.

    I too wondered about how big an issue terrorism will be in his district, but Fanelli’s people must think it is big enough to create an ad about it.

    Not sure that he set up a terrorism straw guy. There are real terrorists out there. The towel head who shot the two recruiters. The towel head who murdered troops at Ft Hood. The towel head who tried to blow up the Detroit bound jet. The towel head who tried to blow up a truck in NYC just recently.

    It would be a straw man if he set up something that isn’t even plausible, or that is contrary to what’s been happening. Sorta like if instead of a swarthy towel-headed type, he used the white haired dude as the terrorist.

  6. LTB…

    ”… It would be a straw man if he set up something that isn’t even plausible…

    So, LTB, you and Fanelli are sayin’… it’s very plausible, that Grayson would allow a stereotypical terrorist onto an aero plane…and we will, with all, our better judgment assume you and Fanelli, wouldn’t…?

    I call bull pucky, why didn’t Mr. Fanelli address or call out, Mr. Grayson specifically, instead of issuing snide insinuations…?

    Fanelli… is what we used to call in the Troop a despicable jerkbah, exhibiting a total lack of any discernable huevos …!

  7. PAY ATTENTION Gramps. John Doe is the one who said that, not LTB.

    Liberals (that would include you) disagree with “profiling.” That’s why we have to treat 90 y ear old ladies wearing Depends the same as 30 year old towel heads with one way tickets and no luggage. That’s a fact. That is not a straw man. Try to argue with me before you’re deep into the sauce (I said as I hit my ___th beer 😉 )

    Now, you can argue that profiling is bad, but you cannot argue that the liberals in Washington do not oppose it. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to make up the facts.

  8. JD…

    The straw man is beyond the stereotypical image of the dark skinned, swarthy dudein the video clip…Fanelli is presupposing the stereotype, is already embedded in the minds of his districts, TV viewers.

    This allows Fanelli, to indiscrimentely use the inference without further definition.

  9. JD wrote…

    PAY ATTENTION Gramps. John Doe is the one who said that, not LTB.

    Hey JD…
    No disrespect intended…

    Geezers, should not be allowed to multitask or respond to multiple threads at the same time.

    Sorry to say…I cain’t promise this won’t happen again…
    You’ll understand soon enough…!

  10. Don’t tell us you’re using alzhiemers for an excuse Gramps! 😉

  11. thatmrgguy wrote…

    Don’t tell us you’re using Alzhiemers for an excuse Gramps

    mrg, Sir…in my world, in the military, an excuse is and was not an option…

    There are no excuses…there are only objective, outcomes…!

    I’m hidin’, subjectively behind the multitasking internets new image, of an individual who…

    Is on a daily basis, overworked and has no clue…as to what the hell he or she ever wrote in their earlier correspondences…

    Does that compute…?

    Alzheimer’s is actually, a definite, possibility…

    I used to have the ability to remember [at one glance] very long sequences of thirteen alpha, numeric characters…now it’s down to eleven…

    Oh, Sheet…!

  12. Lipton T. Bagg

    Grayson is a windbag. I’d elect Cruella DeVille to replace him if we needed to.

    And profiling is becoming the way of the world Gramps – learn to deal with it. As long as a specific group of people with definable features means to do this country and its population harm, I will no only support profiling but do my best to propagate its use. Take your flowers, tie-dye shirts and bell bottoms to Tehran and get the radical Muslim consortium to cease their attack on the country I love – I’ll stop profiling them.
    I Promise. Cross my heart…

    However, the most curious and amusing portion of this thread is witnessing Gramps blogging without his walker, or turning the hearing aid on his computer monitor turned up to “11”. What hoot, young man!

    Except I have an issue with: Gramps calling me John Doe, damnit!

    Hell, I’d almost rather vote Democrat! (j/k John)…


  13. Lipton T. Bagg

    Mr. G:

    Did I copy that last transmission correctly? Did you tell Alzheimer’s not to use Gramps as an excuse???

    Just askin’…


  14. Nah, I think Gramps has trouble with the thinking synapses in his brain between the cerebral humongatta and the cortex wodkaitis. It makes one who might otherwise make cogent, informative, and rational sentence structures, go off on alkiehol induced tangents with no recognizable rhyme or reason. j/k

    We love ya Gramps.

  15. Hey JD, LTB, mrg…I know, yer all just funnin’ me…

    I’ve, sorta takin’ a hankerin’ to you all…

    I especially appreciated yer admonition LTB…


    Thanks, LTB…

    I cain hear yah much better now…!

    OT: How about them markets, today…!

  16. Our Congress is in desperate need of more unscrupulous and dishonest thugs. Vote for this guy and vote for change!!!!

  17. Lipton T. Bagg

    What’s Amazing is we don’t really know who Amazing is not supporting…..

    While I personally don’t have a dog in this race, Alan Grayson should be and I believe can be defeated.

    Which of course, would be amazing….


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