Daily Archives: May 8, 2010

My dream car

Here it is, my dream car. !964 Ford Shelby AC Cobra. Of course this ones a replica all the way down to the 427ci engine.

by ThatMrGuy

Dan Fanelli for Congress!

I’m John Doe and I support this message. May Alan Grayson’s head explode when he loses!

Soldiers surprising their loved ones

I always follow Smitty’s lead.  Especially when he’s right.  But, ahem.  Chuck Norris doesn’t cry.  He sweats out of his tear ducts on occasion.  WARNING:  Watch this in private. 

National Offend a Feminist Week

Let me be the first to proclaim it a rousing success.  And to lobby that we make it a month-long event next year.  Prizes for certain categories.  Best under 10 years old offender get an anatomically correct blow up doll that looks like Gloria Steinham did back in her “prime.”  Best over 70 offender gets one that looks like her now.   Best offender who works in a Rule 5 while offending gets our undying gratitude. 


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