Volatile mixture: Agent Orange, liberalism and Wodka

One hole in the head?  A ticket home.

One “Old Glory” do-rag to cover said hole?  $7.98.

Gramps blogging while under the influence?  PRICELESS!

[written by John Doe, somewhere near the end of  Happy Hour…]

5 responses to “Volatile mixture: Agent Orange, liberalism and Wodka

  1. Lipton T. Bagg

    As I started happy hour early today (into my third single malt on the rocks) I shall comment:

    Two of the three of Gramps’ maladies are curable. The Liberalism, I fear, is terminal…

    (Disciple of the Bowmore Islay School of Scotch)

  2. Hey JD…

    I gotta give you credit…Yah gotta a pretty good copy on this olde dude.

    Actually they didn’t send me home trooper, they sent me back!

    There’s one thing that I can really appreciate and understand, concerning the mental state of our troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

    There are many times you [I] didn’t relish the beginning of a new day; because of the almost unbearable stress it subjected yer mind too.

    Returning to our beloved shores, also held its’ own challenges…

    Perhaps, some of the worst things about coming home were; the loss of your last team, your support system. The second was the terrible paranoia that haunted you every night as you lay down. Third was the constant ringing [we didn’t use ear protection, because of the need to hear in the bush] of tinnitus in your ears, screeching like a harpy from Hades…to remind you of days, months and years, just past.

    Talk about yer PTSD, today… We didn’t have that acronym for it, back in the “sixties”…


    Is that Ruskie or Polack wodka yer drinkin’…?

  3. Hey LTB…

    I didn’t fergit yah…

    I brung some of that BIS Scotch in me rucksack</em…just fer you…!

  4. Now I don’t want to hear no sheet… about dropping my HTML tags after two wodkas…!

  5. I like the approach you took with this subject. It isn’t often that you just discover something so concise and informative.

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