Offend a feminist week

The Classic Liberal got me thinking about my first brush with feminism was when I was in high school, circa 1974 ish.  I was preparing to step onto the school bus, but noticed a girl behind me also waiting.  I stopped, slightly bowed (ala Obama to the local dictator thug) and said “After you.”  

She nearly bit my head off.  I don’t recall the exact words, but I remember the venom in her voice.  Something to the effect of, “You male chauvinist pig!   I don’t need you to let me go first!”  

Day-yamn.  My fragile mail ego was bruised, even though I was an Alpha Male and she was a non-entity  (Hey, I can’t help it that it was a small school and I was a jock and she was neither good-looking nor sexy).  I did what any guy would have done under the circumstances.  I got on before her and ignored her.  But her actions seared into my brain.  I never again gave a shit what any so-called feminist thought, said or did.  And I looked for every instance to piss them off.  [Real women, such as my wife and daughter, I’d walk through fire for them.] 

Dress nicely while you clean the house!

I had wonderful, lovely, intelligent, learned girl cousins who were militant womens’ libbers in the late 70s and early 80s.  I argued with them, loved them, and ignored their idiotic views.  They slowly moderated their views, sort of like a new convert to Christianity slowly loses her wild-eyed new-found fundamentalism.  They are normal now. Still feminist. Still eating tofu and keeping their maiden names, blah blah blah. But I still love them.  Michelle, Liz, Bridget and Rebecca, you know I love you.  It’s those other insufferable womens’ libbers that I can’t stand!  

Gator Doug says the same damn thing, only much more eloquently.

Vacuum when I'm not home, girl. You KNOW I don't like noise!

5 responses to “Offend a feminist week

  1. Thanks for the kind words and the link

  2. JD…only one thing, I can surmise is…

    It ain’t what yer said…it’s how yah said it…?

    Se faire comprendre…?

  3. JD…
    Mon apologies…
    Est-ce que tu comprends…?

    My damn French was bad fifty years ago and it’s even worse today…!

    Well, hell, trooper , I tried…!

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