Himbo Eruption

WARNING:  FOR CONSPIRACY THEORISTS ONLY!!!  Our word of the day is “Himbo eruption.”  I learn something new every day surfing the web.  When I was a kid I used to love occasionally spending hours in the library just flitting from book to book, topic to topic, learning new things.  You can do so much more on the internet now from the comfort of home.  This is a golden age of information. 

Larry Sinclair I have heard of, but who is Reggie Jones, Kal Penn, Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer, and nameless men at Man’s Country.  Not to mention Obama’s “Body Man” Reggie “T-Bag” Love and Nick Colvin.  And was it merely coincidence that Kal Penn was recently robbed in D.C.–just after announcing his departure from his post within the Obama Administration–or was that a not so subtle message, as others have speculated? Nothing to fear, Kal, Obama has his minions at the Secret Service investigating the matter.  They’ll “take care of it.”  Wink, wink.

I have zero faith that this country would reject a president of the United States merely because he was married and had an affair.  That wasn’t what Bubba’s impeachment was about and even lying liberals know that.  It was about perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power to cover it up. 

And I think the Obama Administration believes the same way that I do.   Obama has little to fear of having his extra-marital affairs revealed.  Those of us who despise him couldn’t do so more just because he swapped bodily fluids with some other dudes.  His worshippers wouldn’t believe it unless there were videotapes and a signed confession by “The Won.” 

But what might undo him even with his supporters would be if there were irrefutable proof of  his contemporaneous use of illegal substances and/or of his appointment within his administration of  one of his boy toys.  

I never believe everything I hear, but I have been around long enough to recognize smoke when I see it.  Sure, tens of millions of people would love to start vicious rumours about Obama to ruin his presidency.  But why gay rumours?  Sure, there were a few about GWB, but before that I cannot remember any such rumours about any other president in my lifetime.  Hey, I was open to the possibility that there was some truth to those rumours, too. Sheesh, GeeDub was a cheerleader in college.  But it would not be strange for Barry Hussein to take after his admitted bi-sexual, avowed communist male mentor  and all around “sex perv” (not to mention his possible father), Frank Marshall Davis.

Since I am a gambling man, I’d put the odds at about a billion to one of Obama ever allowing anybody to live to tell their story, or if they somehow did, for the Press to print it, and/or his gullible worshippers to believe it.  Move along, nothing to see here…

John “It ain’t a conspiracy theory if they really are out to get me” Doe

UPDATE:  Is Dr. Melissa Clouthier starting to believe the rumours?  She’s too legitimate of a blogger to come out and say it, but is it just a coincidence that she just now happened to write an article entitled “Why are gay men let off when they use women for family and a cover?”  I don’t believe in coincidences.  I’m just sayin’.

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